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The $6 Skincare Tool You Need

Masking, when I give myself the time and mindfree-ness to do it right, is my second favorite form of self-care. Bathing will always be #1. Duh.

Do it right, you ask? Is there a way to do it wrong? Well, there’s a way that makes it instantly better, no matter what mask you’re using. Doesn’t matter if it’s Queen Helene or Sisley – and everything in between. And that is to use a fan brush to apply. I got mine last summer form Elevare spa, after my dermaplaning. My esthetician used one throughout my dermaplaning facial session to apply serums and treatments. I raved about it so much that she ended up giving me a brush and ever since, I’ve used it to apply masks. It has totally enhanced an already great experience. I end up using less product and it has a cooling effect. And, you don’t have to stick your fingers in a jar. Because even if you just washed your hands, they alter the product. The warmth of your fingers changes how it feels on your skin.

There is no need to overspend on a brush – save your pennies for the actual skincare. Amazon has a ton. I’m not sure which one I exactly have but this one looks close. Synthetic fibers work best since they aren’t as absorbent.

I realized how big a difference this makes recently.  I’ve been on a once weekly regimen with the new(ish)Tata Harper Clarifying Mask and my brush was buried in a box. I made it a priority to find it soon after. I’ve also worked in the always-sold-out Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask to my routine. It does indeed have a jolly racher-esque quality to it but I’m on board with whatever the Glow Recipe ladies are doing. Jury is still out on if it is changing my skin but it’s certainly making me feel good.

About Face


I’m knocking on wood as I type this, but my skin has been balanced and (dare I say) radiant lately. The change of seasons can throw off even the most diligent of us but I’m getting along just fine. I say this in the most non-boasty way, trust. Honestly, it’s a revolving door of serums and cleansers around these parts so to keep my face from freaking I am always careful and committed to clean ingredients and being cautious about using too many treatments. I’m grooving on a few products at the moment and I told the lovely Meg Biram all about them with her latest “ask the beauty bloggers” column. There’s the blemish stick that looks like a lip gloss tube that I swear wards off any would be eruption from actually doing so, the bright cobalt bottle of vitamins and antioxidants that I mix with my serums EVERY morning and a face wash that is completely knocking my socks (and all surface oil) off. Check out more on Meg’s blog from me and the panel of beauty babes that also answered the question — > right this way!

How to Make Foundation Look Natural


I want it all when it comes to my makeup. I especially want that full coverage foundation to look completely natural, like it is my actual skin. The good news, it is much easier to get that second skin look than you think. The first step is a moisturized face — makeup just won’t sit well on dry skin and will only get worse as the day wears on. Dry office air, anyone? It’s the second step, though, that really makes the difference. After applying your foundation (cream/liquid/tinted moisturizer), spritz a toning mist all over your face and buff buff buff. And buff some more. I take my Cargo Magic Brush (the name says it all) and spritz the La Bella Figura Jardin de Fleurs all over. The key is to do it right after applying foundation and before any other makeup. The finish is dewy and natural—so good you could stop right there. But, I’d recommend a few dabs of cream blush on the cheeks for good measure. I adore LBF’s mist with coconut water and hyaluronic acid for hydration and jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, carrot seed hydrosol (see ya redness!) and white peony to balance PH levels in skin. But, you don’t need to spend a lot of dollars to benefit from this trick. The Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin, at about $6 a bottle, is equally up to the task.


A few of my favorites, low-to-luxe style:

$ Rosewater & Glycerin Spray / 100% Pure Organic Rose Hydrasol $$ Caudalie Beauty Elixir / ZENMED Nutrient Boost Spray / ED4OLO Vitamin D  $$$ Kahina Toning Mist / La Bella Figura Jardin de Fleurs / Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

The List: January 2014


After all the holiday glitz, it’s nice to get back to a more normal everything in January. Finally, my schedule is more open and I feel like I can relax a bit. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ll spend most of my January nights taking a hot and steamy bath. It’s the only way to survive! Here’s everything I’m loving for this month.

A better bottle. Must.Stay.Hydrated. I’ve been pretty loyal to my Camelbak but just picked up my first bkr glass bottle and am hooked! I love that there is zero plastic (it always has a smell, ya know?) and the colors and designs are really fresh.

Edgy baubles. I am so into everything in BaubleBar’s latest guest bartender collection with Ashley from Revenge! Who is also Ashley in real life, who knew? The fuchsia bib necklace is such a pretty burst of color and I like how she styled it with an emerald green striped tee. I’m also seriously intrigued by the ear cuff but wondering if I’m cool enough to pull it off? Here’s to trying.

Boho Rock. I’m feeling the vibe of butter LONDON’s spring collection. Soft metals and neutral lips are a great combo. I especially love the platinum ‘Earl Grey’ Wink Cream Shadow.

Gel toner. Osmia Organics is responsible for the best blemish treatment, ever. I’m convinced that Dr. Sarah (creator and master!) has solved zits altogether. Her Gel Toner, which I rediscovered recently, cleared up my post-holiday dairy-induced skin issues in a matter of a couple days.

Spicy showers. More like hot showers and lots of them. It is nearly impossible to stay warm in this weather. For an extra jolt of alert, I’ve been using Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash. It smells like a sexy man!

Rose everything. Can’t get enough. This Kusmi Rose Green Tea is delicious! Trying to start 2014 off with more tea and less coffee. Adding Tata Harper Be Adored Lip Treatment to my wishlist — the rosy hue looks like the perfect go with everything color.

Cleansing sponges. How these Konjac sponges work to smooth and detox skin, I’ll never completely understand, but they do! Dr. Sponge has a variety of face and body sponges for different concerns and the black bar with activated charcoal helps get rid of  those dreaded body blemishes. It is so soft and cushy but works better than anything.

Meet My New Web Obsession


Photo via

I discovered Beyond the Row this week and have been absolutely devouring everything on the site! I especially love this interview with Tata Harper on natural beauty.

Some very helpful tips on using a fan brush to apply mascara. It’s all the rage backstage at fashion shows these days!

Gwen Stefani for OPI. It’s happening.

I get seriously happy when I hear my favorite blemish treatment working for others!

I can’t wait to dress up my eyelids with these foiled shadows.

Take note, five ways to turn your home into a zen paradise.

This is a longer read, but seriously enlightening.  My favorite quote from it that I’ll leave you with:  I think most of us have had that experience of seeing a person who has a real inner glow…if you’re over 40, often there is a fair amount of kale involved.

True that on the kale. Have a great weekend!