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The Nail Polish I’m Wearing the Rest of The Year

My fall nail wardrobe was so good, I’m extending it through the rest of the year. While every shade is in the same color family, we’ve got bright, soft, shiny and broody. Captures all of my moods.

It’s very LVX heavy — the brand is Latin for Lux and they’re based in Chicagoland. I love the formula and wear, and their color story for this season got me excited.

Their take on a certain generational pink grabbed my attention. Aptly called Millennial, LVX really nailed it. It’s creamy and balanced, not too opaque or chalky. I’m selective with my pale pinks. The clever naming convention was just a bonus.

I’m also really into Rouge. It has a constant Kira Kira app vibe, sparkling with any motion. It looks glittery but the texture is smooth. If you’re into ruby red around the holidays, this one is my pick.

For a shade that feels most unique is French Rose. I’ve never had good experiences with metal shades – they always streak – but this never showed brush strokes. Love the copper tones here. Best take on mauve I’ve seen.  My go to pedi shade has been Mulberry. This is a soft plum creme. I think it’s unique, has a grey undertone so it’s not too deep.  Mulberry has been seen by no one, except me in the bathtub. BUT, I am going to Miami for the holidays and will be giving myself a fresh application.

Another classic red I wanted to include was Essie’s With The Band. From a few falls ago, Essie’s I’m With The Band is a workhorse shade. It’s not particularly unique in the land of reds but it is a goodie and exactly what it looks like in the bottle.

There’s also OPI Kerry Blossom, from last fall’s DC collection. I love that one so much (remember We The Female red?!) but I can’t help get nostalgic for the time it came out, before November 8, 2016. Before the dangerous doofus in Chief became a reality. On top of that, we have the last season of Scandal with an unlikeable Olivia Pope. At least we have the Kerry Blossom, the color of Malbec.

Last, and similarly, I added Priti NYC’s Sympathie Rose after trying it from Credo Beauty’s Clean Makeup Kit. It looks really deep in the bottle but it looks more red on the nails. It’s unique in this mix of polish I pulled together.

You can catch up on all of my polish posts here.

That’s a Wrap! Fall Beauty Wardrobe

Another beauty wardrobe season is winding down. I’d always intended to make the switch come December and that time has arrived.  I’m completely overwhelmed with all there is to get done in such a compressed time but so excited for what I’ve got cooking up for beauty. But, first, recapping my first fall beauty wardrobe.

I kept my beauty simple and enjoyed a simple routine. I used up a few items and discovered some new items that really impressed me (and a few that did not). I think I skipped mascara more days than I wore it since October. These past few months have been an emotional blur. So much crying and feeling. And trying to hold back, too. I’m actually not at all prepared to process it yet since I’m still very much figuring out how to be since Betty’s diagnosis and treatments. Mostly it’s just a kick in the heart. My time with her is precious and right now I need regular reminders to stop the anticipatory anxiety and focus on the now. The happy moments I get to have with my girl.

Getting ready in the mornings have actually been a nice ritual. I find my mind races at night before I fall asleep. (hello, anxiety). The mornings feel normal again. I get ready, Betty peeks her head into the bathroom and we soak up the morning sun. Late fall sun in the a.m. is everything. I’ll hear her snorts as I’m moving around the bedroom and stop to give her some pets. It’s the best part of my day. And then I have to get through it all.


My favorites from fall were a bit of a surprise. I am so into the Dior Cushion. I think part of the selling point (and reason it’s so G-D expensive) is that it has the Dior skincare in the formula. Whatever it is, it’s working. This isn’t a foundation in a true sense but it does what it needs to do. I follow up with a little concealer but for the most part, this covers all complexion concerns. I like how it gives my skin a sheen. I’m literally scraping the bottom of the cushion but it keeps going.

I also love Nars Dolomites – I used this anytime I wore eyeshadow. A lot of times, I just used the deeper brown around the eyes, especially my bottom lash line. That and a Surratt curl is all did so many days. Love the simplicity. These are classic colors with a twist. Sadly, this was a limited edition shade.

I tried a few new products as well. It was helpful to really try them over an extended period of time. I tend to know right away if I’m feeling something but it always helps to try it in new ways and experiment.

I liked the bareMinerals Bare Pro on the days I wanted to go all out. If the Dior wasn’t a true foundation, this is the exact opposite. I think it has a ton of coverage, some days it was too much for me and others it was exactly what I needed. It’s a concentrated formula and a few drops can be massaged across the whole face.

Also a positive was the Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir. This wears really well under the eyes, it has a smoothing quality. It lives up to the name – I found it gave me a wide awake and well rested appearance.

Tilbury! Film Star is a must. That glamourous compact and smooth powders. Contour kits overwhelm me but this is a piece of art.


I was not a fan of the Tom Ford Liquid Eyeliner. This is a painful realization, especially because I splurged on it after a summer without black liquid liner. The double ended brush is pretty clutch and I love how easy the shorter end is to apply and do the fleck. But it is not transfer proof or long wearing. I got smudges and raccoon guys within an hour of wearing it. That should not happen!

I also didn’t wear Benefit Rockateur much. This was the last hurrah for this product. I’ve had it for years, so it’s hard to tell if it lost its effectiveness or I just don’t like it anymore. The color is great but the staying power wasn’t strong. Hard to compete with the Glossier Cloud Paint. I’m almost finished up with my tube of Dusk, at least I think I am. But, a little goes a long way so I’m betting I still have another season of wear with that color.

The Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner was just OK. I was expecting it to be rosier and wanted more of a soft pink tint since the color of the product is essentially the same color as the tube. It’s pretty sheer and average. I’ll probably put on my desk as work since I tend to use it throughout the day. I don’t want to be wasteful, it’s just something I wouldn’t get again.

That’s a wrap on fall 2K17! If you want to catch up on my day to day, scroll the #fallbeautywardrobe Instagram hashtag. 

The Paradox of Choice

The research has been done many times. Too many options can lead to decision paralysis.

The paradox of choice – that well-cited theory that seems to be more true as it ages. The idea that increased choice – while can help us achieve more – also leads to greater anxiety, indecision, paralysis and dissatisfaction.

Been there many times (including on this blog) but also when opening my fridge, deciding what book to read next, what wine to buy from Trader Joe’s, etc, etc. And it’s not just related to what I buy but how I see myself. Have you written your bio lately? Or even updated your Instagram profile?

I’m not trying to eliminate the presence of choice so much as I’m trying to be more decisive and confident in what I want. And there are times, yes, when looking at a palette of 12 eyeshadows, that it feels as though I’m staring at a world of choices and it is just too much.  As a standalone statement that may sound completely ridiculous but when paired with a busy reality it’s not that outlandish.

Sidenote: I also felt this way all weekend. My email was overwhelming and after having so many tabs with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I had to shut it down.  

Is this a build up to an epic beauty wardrobe love letter? It is.

It seems as though the last two seasons of beauty wardrobe-ing, a NARS duo has shown me the way. I chose Dolomites for this season. This is NARS at its best, creamy eyeshadows that work well alone and even better together. The right side is a rose quartz, almost taupe with a little bit of plum. Layer it with the chocolate side and eyes pop. It’s insane. This color was limited, which is a bummer because you can’t get this anymore. It’s probably the best NARS duo I’ve ever seen. It even beats Kalahari.

This one is really special. For reasons much more than it looks good on me (and probably everyone – the colors are flattering as hell) but because it is filled with memories.

I bought this in summer of 2014.  The summer of my divorce. I think it’s on my mind now because the anniversary of the actual signing is next week. A strange time in hindsight, to think of the unknown but in such a hopeful and liberating way.  I wish I could lock that feeling in a bottle, but perhaps it’s only special in reflection. The dents in this eyeshadow were there before these past few months, though I have deepened them. Bottom line: this eyeshadow makes me feel sexy. It feels made for me. Just two colors but somehow feels like much more.

I’m going to cherish this palette, and also hope that NARS maybe brings it back one day.

Oh, and before I went ahead and shut down all of my tabs and unsubscribed from dozens of email lists, I did order the NARS Wanted Palette on Cyber Monday. Hey, I’m still human! 

This Lip is My Jam

Major kudos to everyone that successfully works from home and changes their clothes/wears makeup everyday. Last week, I worked remotely and found it near impossible to take off my Glossier sweatshirt for anything but a bath. I was the very definition of bum all week. It was both lovely and terrifying.

I’m back to changing my clothes more regularly and ventured into my fall beauty wardrobe a bit more as well. My Dior Cushion is all but dried up and I’m going to wait on opening the next disc until a future beauty wardrobe. Perfect time to use the bareMinerals Bare Pro liquid foundation. I like to buff in with in a dense fluffy brush on just the areas I need it. It’s easy to wear, like all bareMinerals base products, but it is a true foundation – this stuff will cover. I like to apply foundation before any other base products – I know everyone has their own order. I follow up with concealer, in the event I need less.

I also don’t put foundation near my under eye area. I went in after with my Onomie concealer, buffing that in with a small flat Real Techniques brush under the eyes, around the nose. That stuff is mega brightening and has a fluffy light consistency that I love. It’s the opposite texture of Glossier Stretch, which I also love, but more so on the skin than under my eyes because it is mega dewy.

In my lazy slumper, I also got off the healthy eating track. I blame my boyfriend for stocking our freezer with a Costco size pack of frozen pizza. That is my weakness. I love frozen pizza! And now I have some breakouts to show for it. Worth it? Ehhhh, in the moment, yes. Nars Soft Matte Concealer is the concealer of all concealers for a breakout. I use my ring finger to press and blend on any spots. Color match is the key to this one – I’m a perfect match to custard, it has the right amount of yellow to balance out the redness. It perfectly conceals and has incredible staying power, two musts if you’re covering a zit in my opinion.

I decided to break out the Wowder as well, dusting on the center of my forehead, under my eye and on any blemish I covered. Wowder photographs really well.

I used my trust Tilbury Film Star — side note, I’m thinking of getting the contour and highlight wands in liquid form next, if it’s as good as the powder I think I’ll love it — on my face and eyelids. I decided to skip most eye makeup and let lips be the star of this look. I curled my lashes and put on a few coats of Maybelline Lash Sensational. This mascara is the very best – that lift!

The perfect almost moody fall lip is Glossier Gen G in Jam. It looks like a deep blackberry in the tube but is more raspberry on the lips. This can be built up, a choose your own intensity adventure. This tube is from when it launched – I love the shade, but I know there have been some Gen G packaging improvements since. Still that simple skinny balmy tube but more protected in there.

The sweater is from a few years ago Everlane. It’s no Glossier sweatshirt but it’s just as cozy.

Fall Beauty Wardrobe Heads West

A woman spun out of the finest silk makes the strongest robe. This line stood out to me when I devoured Eve’s Hollywood on the flight to LA. It was the book my friends and I decided to read together for our trip to LA. A vacation book club is a fun tradition my friend Lindsay started when we went to Mexico together earlier this year. And we always try to base our choice off of the destination.

Traveling with friends is different than a vacation with your partner. I’m sad it’s over. Since the spring, I’ve been looking forward to a trip to LA with my dear friends. One lives in Chicago, so I see her regularly, and the other in Northern California and I miss her so much. I lean on these ladies for laughs, advice and strength. They are my strong robes.

It was a much needed four day getaway. The highlight was all of the food we ate, with a close second just being able to hear the sounds of the ocean and see a western sunset. There was one night when we took a Lyft to Manhattan Beach during rush hour to make a dinner reservation and ran from it to soak up the sunset. We had about two minutes to spare and it was.WORTH.it. It wasn’t so much of a makeup trip, but I did pack a fair share of options from my fall beauty wardrobe.  I’m realizing that so many of my additions this season are base and concealer versus color and that’s what exciting me most. It’s also more bronzer heavy than my summer beauty wardrobe. Mainly because I use Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar as contour, blush and eyeshadow. This felt especially appropriate in the LA heat.

Some days I used my Glossier Skin Tint and layered over Dior Dreamskin Cushion for a little more glow and SPF power, especially on our hike. I skipped concealer under the eye most nights (we were well rested!) but I did layer NARS Soft Matte Concealer on redness, around the nose and a few travel blemishes. Always travel zits. Without fail, there’s always one reminder that I was on an airplane for several hours.

I did incorporate a little bit of color with Bite Multistick in Cerise on lips, cheeks and eyes. But, the go to lip combo was a mix of Bite Beauty Lip Pencil 10 and Glossier Rose Balm Dot Com.

Since I’ve been back this past week, I’ve been using mostly the same makeup. I had a moment the other day where I realized that I’m halfway through my beauty wardrobe. Fall is flying by. It’s clear that there are a few things that I just don’t need to own and a wish list that is growing for the holiday season.