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Express Yourself

CoverGirl Plumpify Mascara

I’ve been reading Women in Clothes this past month. Bits here and there. It’s not a book you need to read consecutively, rather best to soak up the collection of interviews, essays, conversations, surveys, photography, conversations and closet peeks over time. Hundreds of women share their POV on style and clothing and it is all so relatable and affirming. About halfway through the book is this list by Canadian artist Margaux Williamson on contemporary dressing.  She references that our faces communicate almost everything we thought we were hiding or enhancing through our clothes. “…communication happens with twitches of our muscles, with the way we move our eyes and lean our heads in. We have learned that people see who they are before they even look down.”

That feels true. We dress and rely on personal style to define ourselves, but our eyes and facial expressions tell the world who we are in that visceral sense.  They form opinions on who we might be and how we act by what our faces reveal, even before glancing down. I find myself constantly looking at peoples’ faces for cues. To see how they smile, what their eyes take in and the way they touch their hair and faces with their own hands. I’m aware of how my limbs travel upwards when I’m talking with someone. Are they studying me, too? Chances are, yes.

CoverGirl Plumpify

I asked my boyfriend the first thing he noticed about me when we met blindly for drinks. He said, “your eyes.”

CoverGirl Mascara

I wonder if he notices today the ways I try and accentuate them. Does he appreciate my CoverGirl Plumpify Mascara? Because I certainly do. I try every new CoverGirl mascara that comes out because they’re always the best at the drugstore. COVERGIRL Plumpify Mascara has this double twisted wand and one of those rounded spiky tips to help you get lashes that are hard to get normally. If you start at the base of your lashes and roll the wand up, your lashes separate and immediately stand out. I do a few coats and once they dry give them a curl. If I use my lash curler, they get really long and I’m obsessed. I didn’t do it in these pictures, but you can see the extra oomph without. It’s an effort that warrants a second look from him, I say.

Women In Clothes

Pantene Airspray

I wonder if people notice how I always grab my hair with my hands when I’m talking to them. I’ll flip my part, sweep it behind my ear or even grab at the ends and cover up my lips. I think it depends on my comfort level. And, if I’m feeling “cute.”  As a rule, I don’t wear much hairspray because I fiddle with my hair all day. I do use Pantene Airspray, though. Pantene’s alcohol-free formula means my hair moves naturally (or with my forceful hands) and doesn’t get stiff or sticky. You just spray it and it sort of dries without adding any weight. It’s perfect, actually. If I’m curling my hair, I spray it once my curls are cooled to set them.

Clairol CC Conditioner Clairol Nice n Easy CC Conditioner

Speaking of hair, another non-clothing observation I find to be true is how we observe a change in hair. Color, style, cut, accessory, etc. I always notice when someone I see regularly does something different. I find myself in conversations a lot around my own “balayage.”  “Did you just get it done?” The color is constantly evolving as it grows or fades, so people continue to ask. Because I’m straddling the “bronde” color spectrum, I don’t want to deepen or brighten it up too much in a traditional lane BUT I am REALLY excited that you can get the conditioner that comes in a box of hair dye without the actual box of hair dye. Clairol Nice ‘n Easy CC Plus ColorSeal Conditioner is a real live thing! The brand must have been paying attention – for years, people have been stocking up on dyes only for the conditioner. It has a little more power than your average conditioner, helps keep color safe from stripping minerals in water and up the shine factor. Why hasn’t this been a thing before exactly?

I’m curious, what do you notice first about people? And, let me know any and all questions you might have on any of these products mentioned. I did some deep testing of the Plumpify mascara – waterproof version, included. I can tell you that it is indeed very (very!) waterproof.

This was sponsored by P&G Beauty. All opinions are based on my experiences and insights. Thanks for your continued support!

Adore the Doré

Garance Dore Love Style Life

Her name may as well be Garance aDORE. I’ve been a devoted reader of her blog and fan of her illustrations, so I was certain her book would be a beautiful mashup of both of those things. Spoiler: it is. But even better! I devoured Love, Style, Life in a weekend. It’s far more than a coffee table book – though, it is a nice add to mine – but a honest narrative about style, beauty, careers and relationships. Not a superficial beat to any of the notes in these pages but rather a relatable tale from a woman who you want to be your bestie. It’s light but provokes. I imagine for each of us in different ways. For me, here are the top 10 takeaways that got me thinking. Especially #8 (such a good idea!)…

  1. Our clothes carry the message we want to convey to others, and it changes depending on what we’re going through in our lives
  2. Losing yourself only takes a second, but finding your way back can take years
  3. You know, it’s just way too easy being happy with yourself
  4. The smoky eye is a miracle that widens the eye and works on everyone…and that’s great because photos tend to make eyes look smaller
  5. Have fun. It’s hard to do, but to be beautiful in photos you have to play with the camera a little. Move, laugh, do something silly, make a sexy face.
  6. Hello is such a wonderful opportunity
  7. E-mail made me a bad person
  8. Keep a good sex diary. Write about it. You might want to remember how good it was at some later moment in your life
  9. Life will send unexpected people your way
  10. Some things take time. You can’t make everything perfect in an instant

The email hit a little close to home…haha. There’s just so much to keep up with! Have a great day, all. Hope these lines hit you the same way they did me.

Underneath it All

Tatcha SPF

I first read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up on a flight earlier this summer. At first, it irked me a bit. How many times can one person write the word tidy? I think that was actually misplaced mile-high anxiety. Reading about tidying my home really made me want to be in my home and not squished in a middle seat. I set aside the book and the mission to come to Canada, but the message has really set in from a distance. Are the items in your home sparking joy? If yes, keep. If no, toss.

I’m chomping at the bit to get home and KonMari my space for real. Unleash pure joy!

While in Toronto, I’ve been living with less (and thinking about ‘stuff’). My space is streamlined as a result of the situation but you can be sure that every item here has a purpose. I’m only bringing joy back in my suitcase. I’ve been practicing mini bits of KonMari-esque tidying. She recommends going by category vs. room by room so I’ve been doing that, sort of. I’ve been focused on the under stuff. The base items on my face and the garments I wear under my clothes.

I realized when packing up my stuff for this extended three month trip that my lingerie drawer was full of blah. Old bras with pilling and stretched straps. Not much joy in putting those on every day. So, throughout the summer, I traded in bulky underwires for cotton bralettes and delicate lace underthings. I feel sexier and more comfortable…and there’s the joy!

I’ve been appreciating the elegant Tatcha Sunscreen which feels like silk on the skin. It’s inspired by the porcelain skin of a geisha and makes the process of applying SPF every morning that much more joyful Pure silk, I tell ya!

MAKE Custom Effects

I’ve also gotten into MAKE Beauty and love their POV on makeup. Everything is so conceptual but also really practical. They seem to make products to help you get more joy from everything else on your face. The Face Primer is a moisturizing base for makeup and the Lip Primer will help your lipstick last longer and even makes the color pop a little more. MAKE even has a dual-purpose compact that helps you give your makeup a dewy or matte finish. Joy!

It’s easy to overlook what’s beneath the surface. Those old bras were out of sight; you would never see them but I knew they were there. Somehow wearing them impacted me in ways it’s hard to communicate. It can seem ridiculous to express joy for something so superfluous but we all know the feeling when it’s right.  In here somewhere is a lesson about taking care of what’s even deeper beneath the surface, in our psyche.  Decluttering is really about connecting with the emotional joy.

Just read the book, guys. I haven’t totally lost my marbles!

A Tub of Tea for Your Body

Ellovi Blossom Butter

Now this is my cup of tea!  Big Ellovi fan over here.  They burst onto the scene a few years ago with Butter, a balmy salve made with only six ingredients. It’s an absolutely glorious concentration of oils and butters that saturates your body with moisture. You can even use it on your face, too, as moisturizer or makeup remover. It was an instant love connection for me. Fast forward a few line extensions and now we have Blossom Butter. Or as I like to call it, a cup of chamomile tea for your body. I mean, truly. It’s made with Italian chamomile and cold-pressed tangerine peel so it’s actually the real thing. If you close your eyes and breathe in, it’s as if you are curled up with a mug of tea that’s going to lull you to sleep. A little goes a long way, so resist the urge to dig in and slather. Butter breaks down into an oily texture when it meets your skin so you don’t need as much as you think. My perfect evening is a hot bath, coat of Blossom Butter and a dozen or so pages of Bluets to send me off into dreamland. I think I will tonight!

Started From The Spritz Now She Here

Tory Burch Eye Shadow

Don’t judge a book by its cover. But definitely give these eye shadow palettes from Tory Burch a chance for that very reason. A girl after my own heart! She bridged her love of pattern and books to create an eye shadow palette you can’t help but want to stack on your coffee table.

Tory Burch Eye Shadow Palettes

These vintage wrapped booklets are to be admired but my lord, the colors and shadow textures are incredible, too.  They’re just like Tory – classic and chic. I continue to be impressed by her beauty line. It feels personal and thoughtfully crafted.  From the first spritz of her namesake perfume, I had a positive impression.  Pretty sure it was the earthy vetiver base—referred to as the “oil of tranquility.” Ironically, at that time I was flinching at the sight of those logo’d flats. To this day, I still have that reaction. Just say no to over-branding.

Yet, I’m all good with the logo in the right places.

Tory Burch Beauty

There’s Saucy – the most insanely perfect sheer pink lipstick that happens to be imprinted with the TB insignia. It’s OK though – it’s just the tip and it disappears quickly.  (Yes, so many jokes.) And of course I am more than good with the branded shadows, especially this mix of copper, golden violet and chocolate that light up blue eyes something serious. Tory is a beauty force.  The proof is in the palette.