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Her name may as well be Garance aDORE. I’ve been a devoted reader of her blog and fan of her illustrations, so I was certain her book would be a beautiful mashup of both of those things. Spoiler: it is. But even better! I devoured Love, Style, Life in a weekend. It’s far more than a coffee table book – though, it is a nice add to mine – but a honest narrative about style, beauty, careers and relationships. Not a superficial beat to any of the notes in these pages but rather a relatable tale from a woman who you want to be your bestie. It’s light but provokes. I imagine for each of us in different ways. For me, here are the top 10 takeaways that got me thinking. Especially #8 (such a good idea!)…

  1. Our clothes carry the message we want to convey to others, and it changes depending on what we’re going through in our lives
  2. Losing yourself only takes a second, but finding your way back can take years
  3. You know, it’s just way too easy being happy with yourself
  4. The smoky eye is a miracle that widens the eye and works on everyone…and that’s great because photos tend to make eyes look smaller
  5. Have fun. It’s hard to do, but to be beautiful in photos you have to play with the camera a little. Move, laugh, do something silly, make a sexy face.
  6. Hello is such a wonderful opportunity
  7. E-mail made me a bad person
  8. Keep a good sex diary. Write about it. You might want to remember how good it was at some later moment in your life
  9. Life will send unexpected people your way
  10. Some things take time. You can’t make everything perfect in an instant

The email hit a little close to home…haha. There’s just so much to keep up with! Have a great day, all. Hope these lines hit you the same way they did me.

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