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The Fall Beauty Wardrobe Reveal

Planning my first fall beauty wardrobe has been almost as fun as thinking about wearing sweaters again. I didn’t start planning out my fall beauty wardrobe until almost the end of August. I knew I craved the return of black liquid liner but wasn’t as intentional about the next steps as I was with summer. Right before Labor Day, after a cleaning binge, I went through my makeup and selected items that were exciting me and that I missed. There were quite a few “yessss, I have this already,” moments that almost felt like I was shopping. You all know that ‘new new’ high that comes when you buy something. Satisfying but gone in a flash. This was decidedly better. My plan to “trick” myself may actually be working well. But, I did buy a few things also that I’ll point out.

Fall fell into place after a cozy weekend at home after what felt like back to back travel. Ultimately, it’s a return to classics. The makeup I know and love with a luxurious twist. A beauty wardrobe that will be reliable on sleepy mornings (it is so dark right now when my alarm goes off!) and also makes me feel really amazing on those nights I take myself out, as I plan on doing often the next several months. And, obviously, the kind of makeup that complements the prelude to cozy sweaters.

I decided organizing by product type was a capital B bore, so I’m filtering it by mood. This is what my fall beauty wardrobe looks like on my counter. A perfect balance of classic, autumnal and luxe.


L-R, top to bottom:
Dusk / Skin Tint / barePro / Wowder / Haloscope / Stretch Concealer / Easy Baked Eyeshadow / Smudgeproof Eye Base / Paint Pot / Grain Eyeshadow / Boy Brow / Trestique / Sheer Lipstick

These are the workhorses of my makeup bag. My NARS smudgeproof eye primer, brows and wear everyday eyeshadows.

No surprise, there is also a ton of Glossier in here. Skin Tint and Wowder will be in every beauty wardrobe, as will Boy Brow and Haloscope. I also included Cloud Paint in Dusk—couldn’t get enough of it in summer—and Stretch Concealer. These truly are my favorite beauty products, and I’m so not saying that just because I’m a Glossier rep.

I’m also testing out the new barePro Performance Wear Liquid – bareMinerals is an instant classic when it comes to complexion. This is a new launch and I’m so excited to see how it wears. I’ve tried it a few times and first impressions are positive.

I also have a tiny nub of one of my fav lip colors of all time: Armani Rouge Sheer in 502. I think I’ve been holding on to it but now is the time to use it. Why do I have a habit of using a lipstick almost all the way and then clinging to it for (not even joking) years. Candidly, this may be past the point of expiration but I’m not throwing it away. It doesn’t have a funk sooooo… yeah.

I learned a lesson during the summer: I like a simple eye. No palettes in sight here. I’m planning on a heavy rotation of MAC’s Soft Ochre Paint Pot, which is great on its own, and Urban Decay’s best eyeshadow color, Easy Baked. You know Half Baked that is in so many of the Naked palettes? This is its less brassy sister shadow. Also carried over MAC Grain because it was a summer necessity.


L-R, top to bottom:
RMS Content / NARS Dolomites / Rockateur / Multistick in Cerise / Gen G Jam

My color story for fall is quintessential fall. Berries all the way. Is there another way to be? I’m most excited about my RMS Lip Shine in Content. This was one of those “yesss” moments when I was looking through my beauty drawers. It flexes as a cheek color, too. Reminds me of a glass of wine. I also brought back a combo I loved a few years ago at this time of year: NARS Dolomite Eyeshadow Duo and Benefit Rockateur Blush. Sadly, Dolomite is limited edition so I don’t think you can get it anywhere now. Also, I tossed all of my old Benefit blushes in the great purge of spring 2017 and this was the only one left standing. Here’s to seeing if I still love it as much as I used to.


L-R, top to bottom:
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar / Onomie A.C.E. / Chanel Bronzing Base / Tom Ford Eyeliner / Nars Soft Matte Concealer / Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir / Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim Lipstick / Surratt Eyelash Curler / Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara / Glossier Rose Balm dot Com / Dior Dreamskin Cushion / Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil / Luminous Silk Foundation / Juice Illuminating Serum  / Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner

Ahhh, a touch of luxury.  This is about 45% of my beauty wardrobe, so perhaps more than a touch. I’ve got quite a few complexion products in here. Allow me to explain, as it may seem counterintuitive to my less is more mantra. I have been intentionally wearing less face makeup but I like different options depending on my mood. This is entirely reasonable to me – sometimes I’m in the mood for a cushion compact and other times mixing up a liquid concoction. When Emily Ferber (darling beauty editor at Into The Gloss) shared her summer beauty routine, I was struck by how perfect her skin appeared and noted that she was using NARS Soft Matte Concealer (an early fav of mine this year) and Dior’s Dreamskin Cushion. So, I picked up the Dior and have to say it is every bit as perfect with the NARS Soft Matte as she explained.  I’m also testing out, c/o the brand, Onomie’s Bright Concealing Elixir and the A.C.E. Illuminating Treatment which is kind of a highlighter, kind of a concealer. In the short time I’ve been in my fall beauty wardrobe, I’m having so much fun playing with different combinations.

I included the Juice Illuminating Primer. I struggled to use this the summer because it felt like extra weight on the skin. It’s not heavy by any means but I really didn’t do any form of priming in the heat. Now, I use a flat foundation brush to apply before my makeup and I can’t imagine not including in my routine. It really shines under that Dior compact, let me tell you.

I also included two rose scented lip balms because what is more luxurious than rose. Glossier’s Rose Balm Dot Com makes me feel fancy. They pair particularly well with a bit of Bite Beauty’s Lip Pencil in 10, which is just slightly mauvier than my natural lip color.

There’s quite a few newbies making their debut. There’s Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzing Makeup Base, which is as large as a compact disc. It’s the only bronzer I included. I wanted a departure from my Laguna for fall since that felt so summery to me. Also, the reformulated Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara. I picked this up from my friend Lauren who is a Beautycounter rep. I really liked this when it launched the first time so am curious how this version will fare – supposedly less smudging, thought that was never a problem with me the first go around. And, the SEXIEST lipstick ever:  Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick. It has a vintage feel and I couldn’t not try it in my favorite color: a rosey nude, obviously. And, last, for my return to black liquid liner I decided to reenter in the most over the top way: Tom Ford. Here’s hoping it’s as good as everyone says.

I’m so excited to keep experimenting and will share updates along the way. Anything you’d like to see more of?

I’ve been sharing all of my beauty wardrobes on Instagram – I would LOVE if you’d join with me. #FallBeautyWardrobe on Instagram is ours for the taking.  Show me your fall beauty!

Beautycounter Makes Palettes Now (& I’m Giving One Away)

beautycounter holiday

How are you?

After a week where my emotions ranged from full of hope and pride to rage and sadness fueled by uncertainty and fear, I’m tired. There’s a lot to feelings to unpack in all of that and I know this is a shared state by so so many. Whether we’re ready or not, there’s a future unfolding. It’s been near impossible to shift my attention from the world to my own world, I admit.  Next week, I’ll be eating Thanksgiving dinner with people I love. Next week!  I need to be in my world for a bit in order to make sense of anything. Everything. When I was walking Betty yesterday, I also noticed that my neighbor already had a Christmas tree up. Sometimes you’ve also got to accelerate the magic of the holidays. Whatever you need in your world, you do you.

beautycounter lip gloss

The holidays are definitely on my mind. Not in the ‘put up the tree’ way just yet, but in an ‘oogle all the new beauty’ way. It’s what I do. I’m excited today to share something pretty awesome with you — especially with one of you. I’m giving away one of Beautycounter’s holiday face palettes!  I got a peek at all of the beautiful holiday beauty gifts launching from the #betterbeauty brand of the moment and zeroed right in on their palettes. It’s a first for Beautycounter and they’re pretty much all I’ve been using lately.

beautycounter winter warmth palette

beautycounter winter dream palette

There are two: Winter Dream and Winter Warmth. While Winter Dream pulls slightly more cool with icy lavender and navy shadows and Winter Warmth leans more bronze, both appeal to my neutral-loving, owner of every Urban Decay Naked palette, side.

beautycounter holiday palettes

beautycounter holiday 2016 look

Both have six eyeshadows and three cheek colors. The colors are sheer so you can build up but impossible to overdo it with a swipe. The first three shadows in Winter Warmth  – Bronze, Malt and Goldleaf – are the ones I’ve been using most. I combine Bronze and Goldleaf on the lid and crease and smudge Malt on my lower lashline and layer on liquid or cream black liner on the upper lash line.

beautycounter holiday giveaway

beautycounter eyeshadow holiday

beautycounter holiday face palettes

There is also a taupe shade, called Dove, in the Winter Dream palette that is precisely the eyeshadow I’ve been searching for forever. It’s the hero of the palette and the one color that goes with every single shadow. I almost see this as five eyeshadow duos because Dove looks different with every pairing. Taupe is a chameleon that way. I couldn’t pick a favorite but Dove is reason enough to pick up the Winter Dream. (giveway details at the end of the post, p.s.)

beautycounter love and luster lip gloss

beautycounter lip gloss holiday

One of my favorite ways to shop for beauty gifts for my friends and family is to pick up sets and break them apart. Sometimes I keep one shade for myself…maybe… I see the four glosses in the Love & Luster set as four really amazing gifts. Especially since the colors are so different, too, it’s easy to match them up with the people you know who would really rock them.

Now, for the giveaway. I’m REALLY excited to give away one of these gorgeous palettes – I’ll let the winner choose if they want Dream or Warmth. U.S. only winners – hoping that doesn’t exclude too many of you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s to keeping on and leaning on those in your world to help you navigate the world.

For this week, also, I have a shopping page on Beautycounter. Which just means if you buy something through me, I get a hostess reward. It’s like the e-version of the Beautycounter party. No obligation to buy anything at all – I’m just leaving the link here for you to browse.  My friend Ryan was sweet enough to offer up the giveaway palette and I’m grateful to her generosity. Thanks, Ryan! 

I Tried the Beautycounter Mascara and…

Beautycounter Mascara

…Loved it.

I’ve been on a major Beautycounter kick lately. Right before I moved – how has it been almost a month?! – I stopped by a friend’s Beautycounter event. You can find the brand easily online (and soon on Target shelves, too) but also through consultants who host events. I’m sure we all have a Facebook friend or (or five) that have a similar gig. I was way curious about the mascara so I ordered it up right away. Truth be told, I’m really happy with like five formulas at the moment including the one I always go back to but I can’t quite quit testing them anyways. This was worth the gamble – it’s all that!

Beautycounter mascara Beautycounter mascara

My biggest issue with mascara is transfer. I’d say more than half of every tube I try ends up under my eyes and it’s so frustrating. Waterproof is usually best if I want a guarantee but those are so hard to remove and I prefer a natural alternative. I went into this test with concerns about transfer because it has shea butter and conditioning oils. My friend said that she dusted a little setting powder under her eyes and has never had any problems. Great advice; I too had no issues with mascara where it doesn’t belong. I have only praise! I will agree that a sweep of powder – I use my trusty RMS Tinted Un Powder – to set concealer probably helps it stay put. Especially if you wear an emollient concealer, which I often do.

Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara

Beautycounter worked for three years to get this one right and I think the persistence paid off. It lengthens lashes with ease, layers without clumping, doesn’t flake or transfer (with proper precautions). The lengthening is especially impressive – I’d say it’s better at that than my go to CoverGirl Lash Blast.

Have you tried anything from Beautycounter? What should I try next?

The Best Sunscreen of 2016

Best Sunscreen 2016

Sunscreen has gotten so good, guys. If you’re still struggling with chalky and hard to blend, then you’re in luck. We’ve got mucho options. I read an article at the start of “sunscreen season” awhile back and it basically said that human error is one of the main reasons it doesn’t work (assuming you have a formula that isn’t old or expired). Basically, we miss a lot of spots. The aerosols are especially guilty of a shotty application. I am not a big fan of the sprays anyway because I don’t like to breathe in the particles. In a pinch, I’ll coat my feet but generally steer clear.

Let’s break down the best, low-to-luxe.

Under $15

I got in the habit of buying Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby when I was visiting Miami (both times last year) and I had to pick up SPF at the Publix on the way to the beach. This admittedly can leave a white-ish cast if you don’t blend well. It is really effective, though, so it’s a go to for all over body on beach days. If applying at home, I’ll mix in with a little coconut oil or body lotion to help it spread easier. As a rule, that is the best way to ensure your sunscreen feels and looks the most natural on your limbs. // Sun Bum Clear Zinc Oxide caught my eye at Ulta and it is legit. This tub is a whopping SPF 50 and has aloe and vitamin E so is very easy to blend in. Love that it’s under $10. // One of my go-to facial SPF moisturizers is Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30. I like that it doubles as a moisturizer and has some built-in radiance.

Splurge-ish $$

I discovered Clarins UV Plus Tinted in the heart of winter and fully appreciate its magical powers now that its melt your face off weather. It’s one of those formulas you need to shake to activate since it’s so lightweight. The tint has incredible coverage so it can double as makeup. Perfect for bare face days. // You can’t help but be drawn to the Tarteguard 30 bottle and it just gets better once you use. The formula has Tarte’s signature maracuja (passion fruit) oil and blends smoothly on your face and feels good under makeup. // If we’re so bad at applying sunscreen, surely Beautycounter Protect Stick is a saving grace. It’s ultra tote-able in your bag and perfect for swiping on the areas you never do: ears, toes, lips and an extra layer on your forehead when you’re standing square in the sun.

I’m so fancy $$$

Sun ages skin, yes, but pollution is the real enemy and it’s invisble! Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart has a high SPF 50 and also a special DNA Enzyme Complex to strengthen skin. Pollution is everywhere but city slickers, you need a little more help. I love how sheer this but it does have a slight tint that doesn’t show up on skin but helps it blend more into all skin tones. After I finish this tube, I will be restocking. // I got the Kari Gran Three Sixty Five in my July BeautyHeroes box—the best “beauty in a box” subscription service I’ve ever tried. This isn’t like any other sunscreen I’ve used. It’s filled with oils so it blends into skin and leaves behind a little slick. I love it blended with makeup for a dewy finish. It makes skin look really healthy and also helps strengthen skin while you wear. // If I’m splurging on SPF – which the last of this luxe trip definitely is – it needs to do more than just block sun.  Tatcha Pore Perfecting Sunscreen helps tighten pores and improve uneven skin tone. The formula is like liquid silk – no, really, has silk extract in there – and is meant to be worn as a makeup primer. Any makeup you put on top of this looks better than if you skipped the step.

What are you using these days? Tell me everything.

Bag Within a Bag Lady

Purse Beauty

I had a flurry of LinkedIn notifications yesterday congratulating me on my work anniversary. Work-aversary? It was sorta like people wishing me happy birthday on Facebook. I definitely felt the love and I also had no idea that I was celebrating seven years at my current job, so it was legitimately useful. Nothing like a trip down memory lane, career edition. To think, I used to be that girl who started her career in Washington, DC, carrying the world’s largest bag filled with everything. To the point of back pain. I even had a kit from the Red Cross for emergencies – purse-sized edition, but still. You know, a whistle, bag of water, mask. It was a gift, eventually relegated to a desk drawer. Just think of all of the makeup I toted around. Note: too much. General PSA: if you are sore from carrying a purse, it’s time to purge.

Stowaway Cosmetics Scarlet

Now, I’m more of a tiny bag within a bag type person. I ask myself, am I actually going to use that during the day? Do I really need to carry mascara with me? When your primary mode of transportation to work is your own two feet, you ask yourself the hard questions.

Thought I’d give you a peek at my current bag within a bag. This bag is perfect – it was a Sephora sample bag filled with Laura Mercier minis. The products in here tend to change based on what I’m using but the categories stay the same. I stick to a few face products, some ChapStick® and lipstick.

Highlighter is a great on-the-go product. I used to pack blush and bronzer but find that I prefer to touch up my skin with highlighter. You can use it on your eyes, layer it over existing makeup without worrying if it’s the same blush you put on that morning. A creamy formula like W3LL People Bio Brightener is key. I love the glow it leaves with just a few taps. Plus, no makeup brush required!

Concealer is so useful to have on hand. Preferably something that can cover redness, pimples and brighten up under eyes. Not too many do it all but Beautycounter’s Touchup Concealer Pen fits the bill and is the better (eco-beauty version) of YSL Touche Eclat.


I carry a lot of lip products around. I’m honest with myself about that. There are more not even in this bag that stay in the side pocket. Hey, I like options and I try to rotate colors in and out. I have a few tubes ChapStick for under lipsticks or just to moisturize lips throughout the day. The classics are where it’s at – Strawberry and Spearmint are my jam, for going on basically ever. The Classic range defends lips against the drying effects of wind and cold weather, which we’re getting a blast of this week. Wearing ChapStick under lipstick doesn’t change the texture, which I like. I also like to have the ChapStick® Sun Defense with me for times I’m out walking or know I’ll be spending time in the sun. This one has to stay in the bag within the bag or I’ll never remember.

I don’t feel so bad about hoarding lip products since I discovered Stowaway. Their lipsticks are tiny, size of a pinky. Scarlet is maybe my favorite red – the founders spent a lot of time making sure this red was spot on and that effort is much appreciated. The Champagne is a really pretty pearly nude and all of the pinks and berries are very classy. The Scarlet is my fav to just keep in the bag because it – along with the highlighter – can take a no-makeup day to a very glam place in a minute.

It adds an extra ounce or two, but I like to carry face wipes. You just never know. The individual packaged Ursa Major wipes are incredible. They’re made from bamboo, filled with essential oils and aloe to soothe skin and I feel so refreshed after using one. Pretty good at removing makeup but I keep it in my bag for more of a just in case.

You can make the bag smaller but you can’t totally take the Red Cross level of preparedness out of the girl. Or so the saying goes…

Note: Pfizer Consumer Healthcare provided me with product so I could share my thoughts and about ChapStick. All opinions about being a bag lady are my own. Thanks for your continued support of 312 Beauty!

Oh My Goop


Well, hot damn, Gwyneth. I usually leave the Gwynnie fan clubbing to my girl Bets but I was scrolling through my news feed and did a major double take at my screen when I saw this pop up from US Weekly. Queen Goop is looking hot! Her face looks so radiant and fresh — I need to know what’s happening here. Something tells me it’s her coming soon makeup collection with Juice Beauty, where she’s been serving as Creative Director. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Goop lately, ever since they hired Jean Godrey June (of Lucky Magazine fame) as beauty director. JGJ was the reason I read Lucky – always flipping to her Beauty Closet page immediately – and I was smitten as all get out to see her land a home at Goop. It feels like a match. While I don’t subscribe to the Goop lifestyle prescriptively (um…who can?), they are my beauty kindred spirit.

Jin Soon created two “classic” exclusive nail polish sets for Goop. They’re classically basic in a not basic way. // No matter how many mascaras I try, I keep coming back to Kjaer Weis. Sometimes I think I should stop trying, but that wouldn’t be as much fun. // Beautycounter isn’t available many places but Goop snagged the line! The Touch Eclat doppleganger and jasmine face oil are really special. // I take Goop recommendations seriously and am way curious about this Lip Sheer by Rituel De Fille. Also, side reading: Jean did a piece on pairing lip colors for a one-of-a-kind custom color. // It’s a BALM COMPACT. WHAT. No words. Just crazy eyes. // I’d bet that Gwyneth’s body glow has something to do with The Good Stuff. // This summery candle was released at the Goop Chicago Pop-Up this spring, aka, the magical mirage that appeared at the Waldorf and disappeared in two weeks.  May this candle be my reminder that the Goop store was real, albeit for a short time.