The Curling Iron that Changed EVERYTHING

The curling iron that changed everything for me is the Sultra Bombshell. My sweet husband actually bought the 1-inch wand for me as a birthday gift last year. Turn 30, get good hair. It was just time. While my stick straight, no matter the weather, is annoying at times, I recognize that my curly-haired ladies deal with much worse. If my biggest challenge is holding a curl, I don’t have it that bad. Especially because there are tools like this to make my problems go away. I was completely intimidated by the clipless wand at first, but now can’t imagine using a clamp. It all seems so antiquated. I just got my mitts on the slightly bigger 1.5 inch Sultra Bombshell and declare this the key to sexy hair.  This slightly bigger Bombshell gives my hair curls and volume. Believe me when I say it is ridiculously simple to use. Rather than just tell you, I wanted to show you…

Sultra-BombshellSee, super straight? And, actually not all that bad here. It’s definitely my new shampoo. These Darby Clips from Sarah Potempa make me feel like a pro. Sectioning hair off makes the process so much easier.


Wear the glove, always. It’s not something you’ll forget more than once. Been there, done that. With scars to prove it, sadly. Wear the glove on the same side you are curling. Use that hand to wrap the hair around the iron.


I let the hair curl for about 7-10 seconds and when it’s done I hold it in my hands for a few seconds. Helps set the curl even more.


Ta-da! To make it more relaxed, I run my fingers through the curls after they’ve cooled down. This entire process takes about 6-8 minutes. Like I said, the curling iron that changed everything!

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