Meet the Pore Exterminator at Studio Within Spa


My summer of wellness continues, though it has evolved. I started the summer by easing up on coffee and alcohol. Predictably, that didn’t last too long. I did manage to give up coffee for nearly a month but iced coffee was calling my name every morning once it got hot. On a positive front, I successfully kicked up my workouts a notch, adding in 1-2 Pilates session each week. I really love it – even those breathy 100s. Before things got seriously crazy at work, I had a mental detox day at Studio Within Salon & Spa in Lakeview. I love the rustic aesthetic and design that welcomes you in and the long list of services they provide. You’ll find massage therapy services with very friendly prices. A half hour massage at under $50 is not something you see often in Chicago. Likewise, they have an equally accessible offering of facials targeted to meet precisely what you need.


The waiting area is bright and welcoming. Also, I want that coffee table.


Studio Within stylists use Unite, Kevin Murphy and Deva Curl

I paid a visit to Priscilla Marie, one of Studio Within’s star estheticians. I call her the pore exterminator. For all of the facials I’ve had, no one has ever extracted my pores so thoroughly. She doesn’t believe in using tools or anything that could potentially harm the skin. Rather, she does it all by hand. I had stubborn blackheads and congested pores, especially on my chin and along my hairline and she got it all out…and then some. To say I felt squeaky clean is an understatement. Best part is, I walked out of there looking like me and not someone who just had the most thorough pore cleaning of her life.

note: spa services provided complimentary by Studio Within. Opinions are my own.

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