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The internet is big and there are seemingly infinite places to read about beauty so I’m incredibly grateful for everyone that makes a stop here. This blog is personal yet I know there’s so much I don’t share. Bear with me today as I go a layer deeper.

My new friend and fellow blogger (also an agency gal by day!) Maya of Charmingly Styled inspired me to get real. She’s the beautiful brains behind #RealBloggerBeauty, a campaign going down on the internet today that’s all about celebrating the real people we are when we’re not in “blogger” mode. Guys, truth be told, I never want to be in “blogger” mode but always in Laurie mode. Though, I’m guilty of taking a few extra steps to get that Insta-worthy shot. Classic blogger move.

My moments of realness — good and bad — might feel familiar. I worry about aging parents, fret over extra lbs and the fact that I have no time to work out, get frustrated that I make excuses about having no time to work out, stress when meeting new people, compare myself to others and feel insecure and wonder why it is that I don’t have even the tiniest urge to have a baby even though I’ve been married almost 7 years and am almost 30 + two more birthdays. Oy…that last one is a doozy. I spend a lot of energy dwelling on the big and small in that list. I think that is life. Mixed in with those moments are great meals, laughter, new experiences, the feeling of accomplishment, unexpected friendships and evolving relationships.

It weighs on me sometimes that I’m not changing the world with my words or encouraging frivolity. I write about finding the perfect lipstick and how to wash your face. While neither rank high on the serious scale, I firmly believe that my love of beauty is an extension of my passion for life. I want to share stories about what I love, things I’ve learned, people I adore and places I go.

I finished reading this book and a section on passion struck a major chord with me. I want to share it because I think (hope!) that it will do the same for others.

“How easy it might be to dismiss the joyful, childlike enthusiasm of the truly passionate. After all, how can anyone who takes herself seriously get euphoric over a Uni-ball 0.5 Signo pen from Japan? But that’s the secret: The passionate don’t take themselves too seriously. Yes, they take their work seriously. They take their relationships seriously. Still, they never lose the excitement of stumbling upon new delights. That’s how the passionate persevere. You need to groove on all the little things—the pen with the perfect grip, two or three ranunculuses in a flea market bud vase, even a sunny day. And don’t be afraid to show it.” Ellen Lubin-Sherman, The Essentials of Fabulous 

I mean…insert pen with perfect grip with lipstick with flawless matte finish and that’s me to a T.

If you’ve made it to this point, a sincere thank you for listening to me share a little more than usual. Blogger or not, I hope you feel up for sharing a moment of realness today, too.

20 thoughts on “#RealBloggerBeauty is Here

  1. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for this post. I can relate 110%. I started my blog because I enjoy all kinds of “unimportant” things in life, and haven’t ever thought of it as more than just something fun to maybe take my mind off of the important and serious life issues. Side note: I too worry about the fact that I am closing in on 30/married 5 years and have yet to have an urge to have a baby. Basically, everything you described = my daily dose of worry. Why is it so difficult to just enjoy life as it is free of worry?

    Love reading your blog and thankful for your honesty!
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    1. Laurie, 312 Beauty Post author

      Hi Rebecca!
      Unimportant is so subjective…right? Let’s make a pact to worry less! I know I’ll still do it but have to focus on the macro: life is wonderful and everyone struggles. We should be kind and understanding and enjoy every moment we can! xo

  2. amy

    i’m really enjoying reading all of the posts from maya’s linkup today 🙂 thank you for sharing your story, and know that you’re not alone in not having any desire to have kids. i’m 28 and i’ve never wanted to have kids and i get so much crap from people about it. who cares if we don’t want to? it’s our choice and doesn’t affect anyone else! xo

  3. Kimmy

    This post really struck a chord. I am a new blogger. I started by my about a month ago – I thought it was the perfect way to combine two things that I love: writing and beauty (I know, how many people have said that, right?). But really, I had been reading blogs and watching youtube for years and in my highschool/college days I really thought about writing seriously, even was accepted into a few creative writing programmes, but then “real life” took a hold and I got a “real” job making not so real money (lol). I still have my day job which is why I blog semi-anonymously. Anyway, back to the point, I often wonder myself if I am being silly and frivolous, if people who knew me knew about my blog, what would they think – how would they reconcile it with the person they think they know (fyi I was the non-profit, good cause fundraising, NGO warrior in my college days). Only time will tell, I guess. Thanks for the great article.
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  4. Netsay

    This is awesome. Your clear and honest voice is why you are one of my favorite bloggers! So much of what people put out can feel soooo contrived and derivative. There is none of that here. I am glad I found you again as your blog posts were always my favorite on Product Girl. Keep up the good work!

  5. Megan Stylish + Scatterbrained

    Love getting to know everyone more today!! I can definitely relate to giving myself a hard time now and then from going to starting and running a non-profit to writing a fashion blog and becoming a stylist. I know some people judge me for that, but it’s what makes me happy and I’d like to think I’m still helping change lives just in a different way:) Love love love that quote!
    Megan Stylish + Scatterbrained recently posted…#RealBloggerBeauty…The Story Behind A Smile 😀My Profile

  6. Erin @ Loop Looks

    Another voice in the chorus of people who have been married for years, in our 30s, with no babies on the horizon. I actually made the decision to be childfree years ago so thankfully it’s not something I grapple with any more. But I know so many people who are trying to make that decision and I know it’s not as easy for everyone as it was for me.
    Erin @ Loop Looks recently posted…Life Changes and #RealBloggerBeautyMy Profile

  7. Lindsay // Belle Belle Beauty

    Lovely post! Made me love you even more 🙂 Don’t worry about the baby thing… it didn’t happen to me until recently and I have a couple years on ya! I appreciate knowing that we aren’t alone worrying about the small (and big) things. Happy to share a passion with you as I also get super jazzed about a new face wash. XO
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  8. Maya

    Girlfriend, you are THE best! I can totally relate to so many of these insecurities and struggles – it’s hard being out of blogger mode and being myself all the time – especially around other bloggers. You are such an inspiration and I admire your honesty. Also, that quote is dead on. xx

  9. kristen @ glambunctious

    Great and inspiring post! “I write about finding the perfect lipstick and how to wash your face. While neither rank high on the serious scale, I firmly believe that my love of beauty is an extension of my passion for life. I want to share stories about what I love, things I’ve learned, people I adore and places I go.” — You just beautifully summarized why I blog, too! I loved that, Laurie. And I hear ya on the baby front! I’m 30+ 4 birthdays and….nothing. Not even ready to take on a dog at this point! XOXO
    kristen @ glambunctious recently posted…A little Southern Hospitality for your feet! | Mint Julep Sweet Tea Foot Soak, Sunday’s Best Foot Creme, Honey Lemon Cuticle Salve, & Magnolia Foaming Sugar ScrubMy Profile

    1. Laurie, 312 Beauty Post author

      Thank you, Kristen! Passion makes the world go round and I have equally strong feelings about other random things. Like how great my coffee tastes in the morning and how much I enjoy sitting on a patio eating dinner. Hugs to you! p.s. get a Boston Terrier…haha! 🙂

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