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I’m working on being a morning person. I so want to be able to make it to and from the gym before most even finish their last REM cycle. I’d even settle for squeezing in an at-home yoga DVD. But that might never be me. I’m more of a cup of coffee and laptop on the couch early riser. Lately, though? My pre-sunrise ambitions are fading. How am I supposed to get out of bed when it is absolutely pitch black in the morning? Tell me how you morning people do this! I’m almost a lost cause, especially with a snuggly Boston Terrier curled up next to me. She alone is like an Ambien. The only way I’ve been able to peel myself off the sheets is to literally awaken my senses. R.L. Linden & Co Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist is the face mist equivalent of a shot of adrenaline. It’s as if you are burying your face in a massive bouquet of freshly picked flowers. It hits you fast and man, is it ever effective. A blast of cool spring water blended with honeysuckle, neroli, rose, jasmine, morning glory, hibiscus and jojoba oil is equal parts awakening, refreshing and healing. Works best when you keep it next to your alarm clock.

R.L. Linden & Co cropped up on my radar this summer when they first launched. The founders, Robin and Lynn, respectively a Master Nutrition Therapist and award-winning tea blender and herbalist, mix up, in small batches, pure eco-beauty skin care and healing teas that are literally (quite so!) bursting with flowers. Each of the three inaugural products are beautifully packaged in weighty black glass (sample sizes available, too!)and I can tell these ladies have a sense of humor. La Balma Rosa healing lip balm anyone? For the record….it is phenom. And, yes, it earned its place here.

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