Pretty Pick: Leather Lipstick Holder


Oh, dear. How perfect is this Leather Lipstick Holder? It conjures up feelings of marvel and grandeur that can’t possibly be achieved with just any purse accessory. It’s all very golden years, with its orange floral pattern and kisslock closure. Naturally, it’s just my style. Each morning, I carefully plot my lip color for the day and stash it in my bag. Sometimes they never make it out again. It’s a sad burial ground of makeup in the bottom of my purse.  I think housing my lipstick in a palace like this would save me the headache of searching blindly and elevate my touch-ups to regal status. Note the rearview mirror for convenient on-the-go reapps. And if Anthropologie hasn’t sold me enough on adding this to my purse asap, they’ve also got me eyeing up these gold bullets.

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