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NERD Skincare

I nerd out constantly. Follow me on Spotify and you’ll see just what I mean. Celine Dion for hours, anyone? Girlfriend just helps me power through my to do list, what can I say? There’s also the way I emote while watching Jeopardy, the hours I can spend lost in a book and the beauty rituals I follow. Oh, and speaking of nerding out over beauty: did you happen to catch the news of Urban Decay Naked Smoky? YES, PLEASE. July 8, get here already.

But back to those beauty rituals.

Sheet MaskSheet masks anyone? You’ll look a little Jason-esque, but there’s nothing horrific about what these can do for your skin. Masking and relaxing, with a side of Netflix, is what I do best and I’m pretty jazzed about this new discovery: NERD Skincare. The scientists behind the brand just launched their first innovation – a trio of sheet masks for brightening, hydrating or repairing. Formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, algae extracts, licorice root extract and rice bran oil, each mask is saturated with an uber concentrated serum. Because of how the mask is made (with sugars!) it doesn’t suffocate your skin while on and the air pressure helps press the serum onto your face and deeper into the layers of your skin. If you’re hungover, traveling (I double dare you to wear one on an airplane) or just feeling dry, these masks are a lifesaver.

Wear this for an hour and then massage the leftover serum into your skin when you remove. No need to rinse or wash your face, just revel in your nerdy glow.

All kidding aside, definitely wear this on a long flight. The effects will be worth all of the creepy stares. Be brave! Just make sure to do it on a clean face so nothing is blocking all that serum goodness.

2 thoughts on “NERD-ing Out

  1. Daniela Esthetician

    Love it! This is very old school facial room fair updated for the savvy consumer. If you’re dry and never break out, these are priceless. Just be careful, those who are breakout-prone; the algae extracts can potentially (not definitely) pore irritating and cause a breakout.


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