Yes, Another Neutral Eye Shadow


I do believe there is too much of a good thing except in the case of neutral eye shadow. This is coming from the girl who sees the need to own all of the Urban Decay Naked palettes (don’t forget Basics!) It’s one of my many beauty guiding principles – others include wash your face no matter how many drinks you’ve had and it’s never too early to wear eye cream.

In fact, the only thing that has distracted me from my beloved Naked 3 palette is another neutral shadow. The one, the only: NARS Mississippi Mermaid.  NARS does neutrals like woah, but this one is extra special. I love the finish, something NARS calls “Cinematic,” which is essentially a smooth metallic velvet that you barely need to tap your brush on to get the perfect amount of color. The champagne hue is perfect for any occasion, though my favorite is with a swipe of liquid liner for the day to day. I get it — you think, how could I possibly ever need another neutral eyeshadow? But then you try this and realize it’s one of a kind.

8 thoughts on “Yes, Another Neutral Eye Shadow

  1. Demi

    Any suggestions for a good natural/organic face moisturizer Laurie? I tried both OLO Chia oil and La Bella Figura and while both did wonders for my skin they bothered my super sensitive eyes big time (they are still watering as I type this) :(((

      1. Demi

        Thanks Laurie,yeah been to a dermatologist and an eye doctor, did patch testing too showed nothing…think my eyes are just uber sensitive :((( gonna give argan oil a try fingers crossed !! p.s got Ilia golden box on your recommendation and boy am I hooked 🙂


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