We’re All a One-of-A-Kind Slab

Marble Home Style

I’m drawn to the imperfection of a marble surface. The whirling patterns, overlapping shades and the fact that no two slabs are the same. I think I may just be in a marble phase right now – both in the physical sense (new kitchen table en route!) and spiritual. I think we can all appreciate the whirls and swirls that shape up our own one-of-a-kind slabs. Right?

Deborah Lippmann ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ – Consider me intrigued by DL’s holiday colors that are meant to be layered and swirled together. No one manicure is the same with her glitters, which I love. Plus, it’s sparkle for grown-ups. //   Arrow Earrings – The stone here is actually a lapis Nevada which is said to be a source of creativity and protection. Once again, Michelle creates affordable jewelry that is completely unique and special. She’s the best. // Marbled PillowI found this Danish designer, Selma Lamai, on Pinterest and am in love with her aesthetic.  Can we be friends, Selma? // Ceramic Bowls – No way would I jail these inside of a kitchen cabinet. // Duffel Bag – Of A Kind is one of my go-to resources for discovering new designers. One of their featured collections is from Brooklyn duo Cook & Gates who create incredible hand dyed bags. A painter by trade, the “Gates” half says “I got into dyeing because you can never produce anything identical.” Amen, sister. // Laura Mercier Baked Eyeshadow – You can use these shadows wet and dry and customize a saturated or sheer look. This shade, called Magical, is so fun. Mix together to create a graphite color, use the black as a liner or dust the white on the lid like pixie dust.

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