Mani by Makeup Sponge


Despite the fact I have practically an entire drawer full of makeup brushes, I still rely on the trusty foam wedge. From preventing annoying eye shadow fallout (I can’t for the life of me do my eye makeup before the rest of my face!) or using damp to blend foundation, the sponge is the handiest tool in my box. And I’ve uncovered a new use: manicure blender. I’ve got butter London’s Katie Jane Hughes to thank for tipping us off to this pro trick. The hardest part of doing an ombre mani is getting the layering just right. Seems as one half of the nail is bubbly or raised and the color gradient never looks effortless. I love this mixed metal look Katie created for DANNIJO at New York Fashion Week, which she got looking so perfectly imperfect by swiping the steely taupe polish – called Posh Bird – over the rosy gold polish – called Goss – using a makeup sponge. I love everything about it – especially the butter London colors she used! What do you think — ready to give this a try?

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