Benefit Glam Bags + Lupita’s Lip Balm


Wise words via Benefit

Cute! Benefit Cosmetics for LeSportsac.

Take notes..Sarah Lucero, Stila Cosmetics artist extraordinaire, spilled on how to travel and pack like a makeup artist.

Lupita rocked the Oscars in so many ways…especially when she tossed her Clarins lip balm at Ellen. It immediately sold out everywhere (except here – I found it!)

Lindsay’s ‘wearing lit’ series is the best. Get caught up.

The lovely Sara interviewed me this week over at Project Soiree. Bet she didn’t think I’d drop some John Mayer lyrics on her, but we are who we are!

Sarah Jessica Parker and I eat the same pizza. Racked has the full scoop of SJP’s fav Chicago spots.

The Type A organizer in me LOVES these lucite organizers.

This foundation brush looks very promising.

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