The First Ingredient is Love

Kypris Beauty

It’s hard not to come back from A Night for Green Beauty and be thinking of anything but A Night for Green Beauty. So let’s not just yet, k? One of the many incredible moments I had during those few days in LA was being introduced to Kypris Beauty. The name stems from Greek mythology and the line also happens to be other worldly divine. For those in tune with prehellenic times, the goddess Kypris is actually Cypriot and was able to maintain her divinely feminine goddess roots even after Cyprus was conquered many times over and in spite of the warring culture. The line is made of three serums to combat skin issues – hydration, aging, blemishes – and three beauty elixirs to pamper you like a goddess. My favorite elixir being 1,000 Roses because obviously the essential oils of 1,000 Bulgarian roses. Swoon.

Kypris Antioxidant Dew

I knew I would like the products, and I did immediately, but I’m so drawn to the energy of Kypris and founder Chase Polan. Kypris is about beauty with a soul supported by science. It’s effective, yes, but there’s a story. For starters, the first ingredient in every product is love. As in, printed on the label and listed up top. L-O-V-E. For any other brand, that may come across as disingenuous but not for Kypris. I had an exchange with Chase on Instagram about Antioxidant Dew – a hydrating serum meant for city types trying to rise above all of that pollution and stress on the skin – and she recommended I mix a few drops with a beauty elixir to make a micro emulsion. For good measure, she also told me to if I really want to do the “whole shebang” to give myself an “honest compliment” when applying so I start the day feeling like a million bucks. You know what…I did both and it felt great. I recommend chatting yourself up with a dose of positivity at early hours of the morning. Kypris just launched at BeauTeaBar this week. Naturally, Marissa is just as excited and is packaging up a special mini Antioxidant Dew with all Kyrpis orders through Sunday.

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