Time to Be Inspired

Be Inspired

It’s inspiration week. Or, so that’s what I’m calling it.  Someone told me that we’re seven weeks away from daylight savings time. This piece of knowledge got me thinking.  One: cause for excitement. Because it’s getting lighter every day until then! Two: these seven weeks are the time to really focus. They will go slow because that’s what winter does. Everything takes more time. Getting from point A to B. Even took me 10 minutes to get my dog outside for a one minute walk all week. Winter creeps in, makes you cold but also brings out clarity. More evening baths with nothing but steaming hot water and my thoughts to wander. Time to read. Time to write. Time to eat a lot of carbs. But, importantly, time to find inspiration. Kicking off the week today with a few inspiring pretty picks.

I met Chicago artist Laura Berger at the Renegade show last December. I picked up her 2015 calendar and had the best of intentions of gifting it but couldn’t actually part with it myself. I have it tacked up at work and it gives me a dose of inspo every day, at least three times.

I’ve recommitted to the #fitbitchclub (join me on Instagram under that #!) by signing back up for Classpass. I needed longer leggings (capris don’t cut it in these temps) and love Old Navy’s prints and patterns. The Compression Leggings are a steal! They wear comfortably and stylishly.

One of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts I got was from Lindsay. It looks like a book but inside the initialed exterior are blank pages. I plan to write this year – just for me – as a way to chronicle my year and thoughts.

Skin begs for some TLC this time of year. I’m pro-mask, on the regular.  La Bella Figura Bio Active Healing Mask is this fantastic berry color and filled with manuka honey (tons of antibacterial enzymes), white clay, turmeric, Barbary fig seed oil and so much more that helps combat dry and irritated skin. It works moisturizing miracles.

Every night, I also give myself an eye mask. I dab a thick smear (which equates to the tiniest amount of actual product) of One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm under and around my eye so it can depuff and hydrate while I sleep. I’ve nicknamed this the “10 years younger by morning” balm. It’s legit.

This is the time to finally decorate. I moved last fall and am slowly getting pictures on the walls. I have a darker aesthetic and finally found the perfect black matte frame for this Garance Dore print. It really balances the feminine nature of the picture.

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  1. Jess Zimlich

    Old Navy’s compression pants are my favorite for two reasons – they’re reasonably priced and they don’t go anywhere after you put them on! Does the #fitbitchclub have applications for Kansas City members 😉


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