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Vitamins, like red wine and coffee, are always under a spotlight. Are they beneficial? Doing more harm than good? Do we really even need to pill pop for nutrition? Is your body even able to absorb said nutrients? A doctor I am not but an on and off again vitamin taker since the age of 5 I am.  And I’m confused! What’s with all the iron-laced gummy bears? The adult options now resemble what I wish I would have been able to take as a child. Now, I’m not sure that’s what my body needs. In my non-MD opinion formed from watching the Today show every morning (hey Dr. Nancy Synderman!) I gather that a one-size fits all approach to vitamins isn’t effective. In my actual MD’s opinion, I need more vitamin D and calcium. And, yes, there is a specific gummy that serves up both in a single bite. I usually opt to go the fruit and veggie route so I’m more surprised than anyone to be excited by a vitamin. It’s easy to get distracted by ALL the lipstick at Sephora but wooed by supplements? That’s a first. HUM Nutrition is doing things in the vitamin category that have me thinking I might get back in the “on again” camp.  Seems they’re solving the real girl probs, one supplement at a time. There’s Killer Nails, which is like a protein shake for your nails and hair (so stop taking pre-natal vitamins unless you’re trying to up your folic acid intake!), Wing Man, to help detox your liver and alleviate dark circles, Daily Cleanse, which uses organic chlorella and herbs to help flush toxins out of your skin,  Moody Bird, for that time of the month and Here Comes the Sun, because who actually gets enough D these days. Most of HUM’s line is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly. And there’s not a gummy bear in sight!

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  1. Marissa

    I saw your post on Instagram the other day and just had to try these for myself. I looooooove the vitamins and the complete service! Thanks for introducing me to a new obsession 🙂 You always know all the good stuff us ladies need in our lives!

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