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One of the most beautiful boutiques in all of Chicago is certainly diptyque in Bucktown. And, ya know, it happens to smell pretty nice in there, too. I stopped in there a few weeks ago to peek at the new 34 Collection, an homage to the original diptyque at 34 Saint Germain in Paris. The vibe was different, in a good way. I was surprised to see colorful and vibrant patterns of cards and notebooks, fragrance diffusers shaped as birds, a marbled clay candle, bronzed candle holders and the most perfect vintage-esque bottle of perfume that looked like it could have been plucked from Catherine Deneuve’s vanity in the 60s. Note on the latter – in prepping for this collection, they went on a massive treasure hunt to source the bottle and found one of the only master glassmakers in France still working traditionally by hand. The collection ‘Le Bazar’ is a modern take on diptyque’s market-like beginning. Before I even stepped in the boutique I was welcomed by the scent of the Le Redoute candle, a reincarnation of the potpourri filling the air on opening day at 34 Saint Germain. Like most diptyque candles, it’s a bold aroma that can envelop your entire home immediately. This is a good thing — I put it to test at my house! It’s a cozy woodsy scent made of cinnamon, clove, orange, rose, cedar and amber. The mat porcelain exterior is special, albeit a departure from the diptyque aesthetic I love so much. Each candle is made by hand using a mixed clay method which makes them all one-of-a-kind. But really, it’s the stories and creativity behind every item in this collection that stands out.

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