Earn Your Stripes


If there’s one guiding principle that I’ve taken to heart this past year is there are no straight lines in life. There are bumps in the road, paths that end and new directions to explore.  Life really is a freaking journey not a destination and taking that to heart—really living that way—feels amazing.  I’m bringing back the pretty picks (how I’ve missed them!) with a homage to stripes. We all got to earn ours somehow and I’d like mine to be as non-linear as possible.

I read an interview with Chicago artist Laura Berger in Stay Wild Magazine and clung to every word. When they asked her what’s with all the “natural love and wild nakedness” in her illustrations, she had this to say: “It seems like our ideal and true nature—the way we all want to be, fully ourselves, with no ego, inhibition, or fear. It is when we are completely kind and open, allowing us to fully accept one another. It makes me feel good to paint people in that state.” Love it, girl. And this wavy striped Flow Print of Laura’s that brings out feelings of ease.

I love love love this t-shirt and how the stripes overlap from different angles. The cut is super flattering and it’s just more interesting than your average striped tee. Same goes for this LOFT midi dress. Doesn’t matter than I’m a mini, I still go for the midi….the length actually falls somewhere between that and a full on maxi.

Garance Dore x Rifle Paper. Still loving it all. Especially this iPhone case.

If there’s one thing NARS does extremely well it is cheek color. This dual palette is all the more interesting. You can use them wet or dry and layer the colors for a different look each time. So fun!

I’ve been layering my eye liner lately – go to being black over brown. It adds a little more depth.  It’s like Tarte knew that was going to be the jam and decided to make it all much easier on us.

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