The Lazy Girl Shave


Winter might suck, but at least I don’t have to shave my legs. Perhaps my least favorite beauty duty. I read recently in this HuffPo article that, on average, women spend 72 days shaving over the course of their lifetime. That’s reason enough to take a winter break. But now that summer is practically upon us and my legs regularly see the light of day, it’s time to upgrade the ‘ol razor and get back in the routine. The razor that can’t be beat for what I like to call the ‘lazy girl shave’ is definitely the Schick Hydro Silk. The razor head is coated in a serum that activates with water, which is almost like a built-in shaving lotion. And while I more often than not use body wash as shave gel, I’m really into this blueberry shave lotion by Whish. It’s filled with nourishing moisturizers and makes for a close shave (read: means I can do it less!)  I’ve also started using Whish Hair Inhibiting Gel Swipes to help lengthen the time in between shaves. The ingredient that slows hair regrowth is antioxidant-rich chaparral extract and Whish also packed them with hyaluronic acid and retinol, so even if I still have to bust out the Schick every other day, at least my legs are getting some treatment.

How do you feel about shaving? Are you the everyday, no matter the season type or do you fall into the lazy girl camp? Also, what are you using?

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