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I’ve taken to a new lotion, guys, and I’m pretty excited about it. Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion is beyond.  The ingredient list meets my high standards – filled with natural oils, butters and all sorts of healthy ingredients, and the texture is airy and light. Heading into spring weather, I’ve been looking for a new lightweight body moisturizer in a fresh (but not synthetic) scent. Skin is our largest organ and the whole purpose of moisturizer is for skin to drink it up, so it’s really important to me that I know exactly what I’m spreading on my body. The organic pomegranate seed oil gives a healthy boost of antioxidants that ultimately helps stimulate cell renewal. And bonus? I love the ergo-friendly bottle and the pump — a new design that Weleda just rolled out. I picked this up at Whole Foods after testing it out in my April Birchbox and must have debated on which of the four scents to buy for a good 15 minutes. Honestly, I was too impatient to wait for an online order to arrive and needed it that moment! Up next on my list is the Citrus, which smells of lemon zest and uses blend of olive and coconut oils. You can see the full line, including Rose and Sea Buckthorn, here!

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