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Everyday Makeup Look

I think the clouds stuck over Chicago are mirroring what it feels like to be a citizen in the U.S. right now. We are experiencing the cloudiest spell in 25 years. Since our world changed so dramatically, the only sliver of sun in Chicago appeared the day of the Women’s March – when it was also almost 60 degrees in Chicago. In January. If you believe in signs that will give you pause.

This week, I backed off my brighter lips and dusted off some of my favorite neutrals. It’s an everyday makeup look I’ll wear for work, the resistance, weekends, etc. You know. I started this year off all about the lip but I’m having a moment with this TOM FORD QUAD. I can’t get enough and it just looks so good with a pinky nude lip. It’s not that the colors are unique, but the formula makes it so special and luxurious. It’s like silk pajamas for your eyelids. The two lighter shades are so glowy and have that wet look when you apply and the lower left taupe is everything I’ve ever wanted in a crease color. I use the darkest shade as a lower lash eyeliner (as Emily suggested) and it rounds out the look. Because I like more definition for all day wear, I layer liquid liner on my upper lash. I used to only wear black but I’m into the slightly more subdued but still saturating Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in brown.

Something that also has me in an all-caps mood: FLAT IRON WAVES! As in, I think I’ve finally figured out how to do it on my hair. It really is all in the flick of the wrist (not to be confused with flicka da wrist). Lately, I’m all waves and this makeup look. And, chances are, this Everlane sweatshirt that I still wear nonstop.

Did you see that almost the entire RMS line is now sold at Sephora? It’s pretty cool to see organic ranges joining the ranks. I’ve been using the Lip 2 Cheek in Spell a lot recently – perfection in a pot.

Lashes by way of Maybelline. The Colossal Big Shot is as volumizing as it is lengthening. I like that it is easier to remove than my usual go-to mascara. I think Maybelline’s on a roll so far this year. I’ve been been raving on Instagram all week about Maybelline’s Dream Cushion compact foundation. It’s not just a great drugstore foundation; it’s a great foundation.

I also got a mini sample of Cover FX’s new setting powder. It’s the smartest sample packaging – there are holes so it’s not just one giant tub and it even has a protective cover in between the filter and the lid. That detail did not go unnoticed. I appreciate a good testing experience with minis. I really like the powder but jury’s still out if I would replace my RMS UnPowder.

Let’s hope this week brings not only sun but also courage. Looking at you rational leaders of America quietly standing by and watching an agenda of hate and fear plow over all of us.

Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

My sleep has been extremely not great this past month. Night owl tendencies have me up until almost midnight – the Olympics aren’t helping, either – and I’m getting woken up by my boyfriend’s alarm clock 30 minutes before mine goes off. He made his own alarms for his iPhone which are entertaining but messing with my last precious REM cycle. Highlights include the Top Gun and Jurassic Park scores and the Doug theme song.

I’m in planning mode for Operation Sleep Better. It will commence after my upcoming vacation, naturally. Post-Labor Day, I’m getting back on track.

I’ve actually already started on a new night time skincare regimen. I’ve used up a bottle (every last freaking drop) of Sunday Riley Good Genes and have been carefully using a few sample sizes I am pretending will never run out. Results are instant – I’m talking smoother, brighter skin overnight.  It has pharmaceutical-grade lactic-acid based which is gentle on my skin. I top it with Luna Sleeping Night Oil, which is like a gentle retinol. It’s good for blemishes, smooths skin and calms redness. It’s blue in color from the blue tansy and chamomile essential oils. It’s only been a few weeks but paired with Good Genes, the combo is incredible.

Have you ever slept on a silk pillowcase? I hadn’t either and then I laid my head on the Slipsilk Pillowcase and was SOLD. The brand is coming to the Michigan Ave Sephora this month. It makes a lot of sense since silk is less absorbent than other fibers so moisturizers and treatments stay on your face where they should. There’s also less friction so less stretching and tugging of your face. Honestly, it just feels a good night’s rest from the second you lay down.

I’m seriously considering splurging on the Everlane Silk Sleep Set. I get a little taste of sleeping in silk and I want more! Nothing against my oversized beer tees, but…

I take a probiotic daily but just started to do it right before bed. I like this one from Amazon. Bladder health is really important to me and well, if you happen to get frisky at night…the timing works to your advantage.

I’m a big fan of nighttime showering (or bathing, come cooler temps!) to save time in the morning. I’m going to start doing it right before bed so that I can ride the serene combo of the lavender-scented Aveeno Calming Body Wash and Kahina’s Essaouira Body Serum that smells like an exotic island vacation.

I try and go multiple days without washing my hair and have been pumping Aveda’s Dry Shampoo (smells like signature Aveda!) along my roots and crown. It has a white cast and instead of massaging it in, I leave it so that it absorbs over night. Bam! Instant volume and clean hair in the morning. It also has a non-aerosol spray so it pumps out with impact but not one that is negative for the environment and your lungs.

Any tips for getting back on track? Also, please share any silk PJ recommendations! I’ve got winter to plan for, too.

It’s Not the Freakin Weekend Anymore

IT Cosmetics Mascara

Maybe I did too much this weekend because I feel like I did nothing. I accomplished very little around the house which always makes me feel stress-y come Monday morning. I really struggle with the balance of enjoying my weekend and catching up on life. If I don’t do the latter, I find I can’t relax and enjoy myself. Also giving me anxiety is The Good Wife (series, tear) finale. My sister said it best – I feel like a jilted lover. I had to chase it down with some Kardashians because I couldn’t just go to bed. That show has defined my Sunday nights for so long. For tradition sake, I poured myself of glass of wine (red, Alicia is very Olivia Pope in that way) and got out my nail polish. Went with Essie Urban Jungle this week; I’m still using some favs from the archives instead of buying anything new. Cannot stop thinking about the slap and have the image of Alicia tugging at her suit, gathering her composure. Too much.

I really did a ton this weekend but realized I spent it almost entirely in a sweatshirt. As soon as I got home Friday night, I put the Everlane crew neck (in grey) on and wore it for all but a few hours on Saturday night. It’s slouchy and oversized and looks awesome half-tucked into a pair of high-waisted denim. It’s the comfiest sweatshirt I have. It’s even a little tempting to wear it to work today. A lot, actually.

I started the weekend off on a fun note. The IT Cosmetics crew was in Chicago for a big event out in the burbs with Ulta on Saturday so we met up on Friday for a bit. I love their CC Cream and Brow Power and now I’m adding the Superhero Mascara to the list of IT must-haves. Like, holy cow, this so easily gives really long lashes. It doesn’t transfer or bleed, which is huge. It’s Laurie tears approved — I’m a cry laugher and I get emotional watching TV – so I know it’s a goodie.

Oh, and I made sure this weekend to snag the new Glossier Balm Dot Com trio! There’s a tinted Cherry and Rose plus a Mint version now! I can’t even wait. I have strong positive feelings about this product.

What did you do this weekend?



I’ve been a little absent lately. Not my intention. I’ve written so many blog posts in my head! I guilted myself for being so radio silent but quickly decided that was silly. We can be so hard on ourselves. Everyone is their own biggest critic, of this I’m certain. If you’re not, who are you and what is your secret.

Honestly, this past month just hasn’t been the easiest. I’ve been somewhat of an emotional yo-yo and struggling with feeling overwhelmed. I’m sure the latter elevated the former and sometimes when I’m overwhelmed, I just shut down. It’s like I’m forced into focus. I think a little bit of that is healthy. In the middle of all that, I decided to go on Whole 30. You know, the elimination “don’t call it a diet” that removes sugar, dairy, gluten, grains, legumes and alcohol from your diet for, yup, 30 days. I think it saved me from really crashing and burning. It was a strain on my time – so much grocery shopping, dishes and cooking – but I loved it even when I didn’t. I’ll spare you the full recap – believe me, my boyfriend and coworkers were subjected to frequent updates – but I do plan to keep it up. Normally at this time of year, I would be on allergy medication and I’m hardly sneezing. My skin is brighter, I’m not breaking out from cheese benders and I’m excited to eat veggies and cook. It was hard to give up alcohol at first but I might be a mental drinker. I thought I needed the glass of wine after a hard day but a Passionfruit LaCroix hit the spot just fine.  I needed to strike a balance there.

Some sunshine did me good this weekend and I’m looking forward to embracing the coming week. Here’s what has me excited.

Gwenyth’s new cookbook! It’s All Easy is all gooooood.  If Whole 30 taught me one thing, it’s that I don’t have hours to spend in a kitchen every night. There are some delicious dinner recipes, beautiful goop-y photos and a really convincing case for making cashew cream.

I started using the baked Lune + Aster Bronzer in the winter and love how subtle it is. I’m still pale as can be and the ‘necker island’ color is just right still. Oh, p.s., Lune + Aster is the makeup line by the founder of Bluemercury!

I think the Everlane Street Ankle Boots may be the coolest thing I own.

I wear the Chantecaille Cheek Gelee every day. I picked it up after watching this video from Ingrid and can’t stop wearing it.

I loathe aerosol air fresheners and artificial scents but love making my home smell beautiful. Enter Fig + Yarrow Atmosphere Mist in Rosewood Vetiver. It’s lovely in all rooms and soothes me in stress moments.

I decided to resurrect a Essie Chillato from last year’s summer collection rather than buying any new polish. I have way too many and find I don’t use them enough. This pistachio-ish color is perfect. Go find it now if you still can!

I take all of the texture I can get and spritz Aveda Thickening Tonic on wet hair whether I air or blow dry. It works as you’d expect by thickening each strand of hair. I notice a big difference when I forget to use or if I’m traveling without it.