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Birthday-ing is a Verb

Verb Products Pitchfork

In a few days, a new year begins for me. I’m turning 34! Birthday week! This one snuck up quick, on the heels of a big life change. Refresher if you missed the news: I moved in with my boyfriend, to a new place we are making our own. With this birthday, I’m not thinking about aging or any physical changes (though sun spots, I see you starting to creep) but instead living in the moment and taking care of a relationship that means everything to me. One of the bonds between us is music. Experiencing live music, listening to records at home and introducing each other to new sounds. He has brought me to punk shows and I’ve got him on a steady folksy run.

My actual day of birth (Saturday) is going to be extra fun this year because we are going to Pitchfork. It’s a three-day music fest in Chicago that is super chill. It’s one of my favs for that reason. I’ll also be hitting the stages along with Verb Products, the Austin-born, salon raised brand that I’ve dubbed the “grey tee” of hair care. Just like your t-shirt, the entire Verb line – every item is $14 – is effortless in style, light to the touch and completely layerable. Oh, and unisex. Total dude-approved. In a fun barter, I’ve given some Verb Sculpting Clay and Forming Fiber to my boyfriend in exchange for his t-shirts.

Verb Products


Verb Products

Verb Hydrating Mask

I’m sticking with my go to music fest hair of beachy waves but got a fresh set of balayage to give me an even summery vibe. To get my hair ready for mucho sun exposure, I’ll be using the Verb Hydrating Mask in the shower to deeply condition my hair.

Verb Ghost Oil

And, the Ghost Oil is awesome after the shower on towel-dried hair. I only use one pump and then rub it in between my palms before massaging on my ends and then throughout the rest of my strands. Now that I’ve got extra blonde, I’ve noticed my front strands are more prone to breakage and this helps protect them from any further damage. I call this my unintentionally layered hair do. I try to flip the part around and keep a slight curl in so it isn’t as noticeable. I’ll spritz the Sea Spray after I curl and do some manual crunching and twisting of my hair so it’s imperfect.

Beachy Hair

Verb Products

For extra volume, I’ll squeeze some Dry Shampoo (with the uber smart narrow application tip!) along the roots but under a layer next to my part.

Forecast for Saturday is basically looking like the perfect day so I’m hoping all of the forces of nature are giving me good weather, and hair, for my birthday! Fingers crossed.

Anyone else in Chicago going to Pitchfork for any of the days? I’m most looking forward to Brian Wilson…love me some Beach Boys.

Thanks to Verb for sponsoring my Pitchfork birthday bash (that’s what I’m calling it, a giant party with thousands of fellow music lovers in Chicago!) and introducing me to the rest of their awesome line.  

Why I’m Anti Anti-Aging

312 Beauty

This month, I turn 33. And once I do, I’m sure it will take me six months to remember. Does anyone else pause for an awkward amount of time when someone asks you how old you are? And, who are these people asking that question anyway? Regardless, assuming I can remember, I’m completely OK with telling you. I’m a realist. The reality is that we are aging. Oh, the ‘a’ word. What comes with that, in the context of beauty, is anti-aging marketing everywhere you go. Erase those fine lines! Fight wrinkles before they ruin your life. Battle dark circles you tired-looking old person. Quick, cover up those dark spots. Oh, for the love of drama.

Every birthday brings way more than just a number I can’t remember. We’re wiser, more insightful and more connected with who we are. How can anyone be “anti” that?

I’m all for preserving a youthful glow and SPF is my ride or die, but I’m fully supportive of adding years if it means I’m happier at soon-to-be 33 than I ever was at 26. Whether I like it or not, that line forming in my forehead is because I smile so damn much. The joy I feel in my heart and the passion I have for experiencing life far surpasses any anxiety I might have over wrinkles. Bring it, 33.

There’s more on this topic over at Clementine Daily! Check out my recs for anti anti-aging skincare that is nature-powered and pro being awesome at any age.