The Must-Have Travel Mate for Bauble Addicts


I’ve really come to terms with the fact that I am an overpacker. I’m almost better off if I’m flying somewhere since I avoid checking bags at all costs. But a weekend trip to Wisconsin? I’m bag lady central. And within those bags? More bags. Sometimes of the plastic zippie variety. No more, friends. Stephanie Johnson is saving me from myself. Her MARLIEN Round Jewel Case is perfect for bringing two (or 10) necklaces to wherever your travels take you.


There’s a ring roll, tiny pockets for earrings and a silk drawstring pouch that holds an unbelievable amount of jewels. So much so that I have never reached my max. And I’ve made several attempts. How does it hold so much and stay so tiny?! Really, can YOU resist those BaubleBar email blasts? This tortoise crystal necklace somehow made its way into my shopping cart today and I think my mailman knows exactly what a Buried Bauble is thanks to me.

3 thoughts on “The Must-Have Travel Mate for Bauble Addicts

  1. Kaitie

    This is just about the most adorable travel jewelry bag I have ever seen! Such a great idea!
    Thank you for sharing and keep it sweet and stylish!

    PS I am totally addicted to Bauble Bar too!


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