The Must-Have Minimal Mineral Makeup Kit


I’ve been favoring a more natural makeup look lately. I’ve rediscovered this palette and have been wearing minimal makeup on the rest of my face. The Pür Minerals 5-Piece Start Now Kit, which just launched in the Birchbox shop this week, could not have come to me at a better time. Hello heat wave, goodbye full face. The five items in this kit – primer, Pür Minerals  4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup, mineral bronzer, mascara and the ‘chisel’ complexion brush – help you get that coveted “no makeup makeup” look. Which BTW, always seems to take more time than makeup makeup. But not in this case. I remember interviewing this Chicagoan for 312 Beauties and hearing her rave about this sample she got in her Birchbox that helped her even out her skin in a natural way. Finally, I get it! Admittedly, I don’t wear a lot of powder because it seems to just sit on my face. However, Pür Minerals 4-in-1 feels invisible, thankfully, but still provides enough coverage. All you, chisel brush. A few sweeps of the mineral bronzer on my cheeks and in the crease of my eyelid plus two coats of mascara and I am successfully out the door, when everything but my face proceeds to melt. The real test was during a 3pm meeting when a coworker said I looked matte (in a good way). Done and done. Seems like this would be a great way to spend those Birchbox points you’ve been hoarding (I can’t be the only one who does that!)

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