Bold Babes: Marissa Waller of Beau.Tea.Bar

Marissa-Beautea-BarI’ve mastered the art of e-tail therapy. Sure, I’ve got my favorite shops around Chicago but much of my damage is done online. I catch myself getting lost into the Etsy abyss on the regular. It’s not time wasted if you enjoy it, yes? If Pinterest says it’s OK… Since shopping is always more fun with friends, I’m introducing a new series called Shop Talk. Grab a bevvy…in this case, a mug of tea, and read on about one of the best places to shop for green beauty: Beau.Tea.Bar.

The stunning babe behind BeauTeaBar is Marissa Waller. She has the most enviable hair, kind heart and gives off so many positive vibes that you every time you shop with her it feels personal. From the tiny samples she surprises you with and the genuine gratitude and joy she expresses when you shop with her. Marissa dished to me on what it’s like to be on the other side of the aisle. Or in this case, computer. It’s no surprise that BeauTeaBar took shape while she was grooming that beautiful blonde mane!

How did the idea for BeauTeaBar come about?
Like most brilliant ideas it arrived when I was about midway through an epic shampoo (you know those ones when you just know your hair is gonna look damn good when you’re done!) I was geeking out (as I do from time to time) and became quite proud of myself when I realized what a clever name I had conjured up mid-suds… BeauTeaBar.

Call it divine intervention, a stroke of luck, or OCD but for two years I became infatuated with this silly little concept of blending the best of non-toxic skin care and organic teas. Eventually I became so consumed by it that last December I opened up my own little shop on the interwebs that serves up the freshest skin care, hair care, and makeup you can find (and some organic tea of course!). That is how BeauTeaBar came to be.


What do you look for in brands that you carry in your store?
The first question I always ask is: does this brand have the same integrity and standards that I uphold for my customers and myself. All products must be clean, safe and effective (I personally try every single product we stock)! Aside from that, I try to find new and exciting brands that I can partner with as we both grow and expand in our own ways. I’ve been so fortunate to connect with some of the most inspiring women I have ever met while searching for products to bring to the shop. I truly love supporting those brands and I feel blessed to share them with my BeauTeaBar family!

How are you working to stand out in the eco-beauty space?
We’ve developed a bit of a reputation as the place to shop when you want the hard to find green beauty treats, and we couldn’t be more honored (I’m a total misfit at heart)! Of course we have a lot of your favorite staple brands and cult favorites at BeauTeaBar, but we also stock a ton of brands you can’t find elsewhere. We love bringing you something new and fresh all the time! Watch out because we have some big plans for this summer:)


What’s in your makeup bag right now?
Inside my makeup bag you will definitely find Studio78 Paris mascara and concealer (BeauTeaBar fans know these two gems all too well!) I’m also really loving all of the products from Haut Cosmetics right now. Their BB Cream is rocking my world! All of their stackable products are super convenient to stuff into your makeup bag and everything they make is packed with raw superfood ingredients (so even if I can’t stop myself from eating the French fries I still feel like I’m kinda healthy… totally illogical and false I know, but fun none the less).

Do you ever drink coffee? I just have to ask!
Yes ma’am! I love an afternoon iced coffee here and there (especially during the summer months).

What’s been the most exciting moment since you opened BeauTeaBar?
Seriously, every single day is exciting beyond anything I ever expected. I get super excited when I get to answer emails from customers looking for some product suggestions (sorry if you’ve emailed me a question and I’ve sent you back a novel length explanation, I’m learning to contain myself). I get really fired up when I get to pack up some green beauty treats to be sent off to their new homes. And I go wild when I get to announce new products to our customers (bonus points if it’s something they’ve never heard of before). Not to brag or anything, but I REALLY love my job!

P.S. If you’re a teacher or nurse, take note: BeauTeaBar offers you a 10% discount every day! Send her an email and she’ll hook you up!

4 thoughts on “Bold Babes: Marissa Waller of Beau.Tea.Bar

  1. Marissa

    Thanks so much Lilly! You are too kind!

    If you ever need help picking out some awesome Haut Cosmetics products (or anything else we have) feel free to send me an email. I am always happy to help 🙂

  2. Eva arias

    Marissa you are the sweetest and kindest, every time I call my order I feel like I’ve known you for ever. Thank you for all the samples, you carry the best products. I love love the Chia cleanser, the moonlight catalyst, the bella figura productos. Since I started on the products my skin looks FANTASTIC, and my friends tell me when are you going to age? Never I say,I’m 64 and loving it. Thank you marissa best wishes to you.


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