Le Metier de Beaute Indelible Inks Eyeliner


It’s only been a few weeks since I was introduced to Le Metier de Beaute but I’m already starting to classify things as “before LMdB” and “after LMdB.” It’s clear that my initiation at Neiman’s a few weeks ago signifies a key turning point in my world of beauty. Before LMdB, I used liquid liner constantly. That is still the case, but now that I’ve tried Le Metier de Beaute Indelible Inks Eyeliner in Artemis, I am a changed woman. Two of my favorite bloggers, Getting Cheeky and Belle Belle Beauty both raved about these liquid eyeliners and their reviews were fresh in my mind when I was at the counter. I couldn’t resist the deep blue Artemis shade. So deep, it almost feels darker than black. Somehow it maintains its vibrancy and it does something to the lash line that no other liner manages to do. Eyes look brighter and lashes longer. It’s a very wet liner and once it sets it still has that inky depth.

A tip that Tess, my guru at the Neiman’s Le Metier de Beaute counter in Chicago, shared with me is to take my time applying this. Because it’s so wet, there is the chance for some initial transfer so best to do one eye at a time and keep the eye closed for a good 30-60 seconds.  Once it’s dry, it will not budge. Promise (my eye makeup remover even stuttered when removing!) The brush is thin and flexible, and is great at getting right in the lash line. Another way I’ve been applying is to swipe some ink on the back of my hand and use another brush (I favor the Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush) to apply. This brush is totally fool-proof for me since I’ve been using it for years and I think it helps to minimizes the dry time as well.

Now that I’ve experienced liquid liner “after LMdB,” I’m looking forward to trying other colors and varieties! A brand that does liquid liner well has a place in my makeup bag, always.

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