kai shampoo + conditioner


I feel like I’ve been holding out on you guys. For a few months now I’ve been using the kai Shampoo and Conditioner almost exclusively. I have a short attention span for what’s in my shower so this is no small deal. I’m entranced by the faint gardenia scent kai is known for. I had to restrain myself because I was starting to wash my hair every night. That gardenia fragrance is the constant in every kai product, which is perfect because I want to smell like this everywhere. It’s an almost floral scent, never overpowering. Not obviously tropical but channeling somewhere exotic. The formula does va-va-voom things for my hair — thanks to the addition of argan oil and glycolic acid, which, yes — appears in more than just your skin care these days. The glycolic acid gets deep into hair cuticles to strengthen each strand. Softness, shine and that lingering kai scent is the aftermath.

My kai fixation went on a road show this week. I brought the body wash and lotion from the travel set with me to Tulum. If it weren’t for all that SPF I needed to pack 3-1-1 style, the rest of this kit would have also!

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