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Here’s a little beauty psychology 101: the feelings associated with using a product in its entirety are a complex mix of happy and sad. On one hand, there’s an immense sense of accomplishment of actually finishing something (a NARS blush, for example, is like the impossible dream) and, on the other, truly bummed that it’s time to hit the recycling bin. The exception? The super hip Illume Boho Candles. It’s refreshing to know that in approximately 70 (burning) hours – or 20, depending on if you go demi or large – this candle is going to have a new home on my vanity storing something equally pretty. Lip glosses, brushes or perhaps cotton pads for removing eye makeup.

Illume does fragrance and design like a boss (the Minnesota nice kind) and the Boho jars are the perfect example of those worlds coming together. The Boho collection draws inspiration from some of the world’s most exotic destinations (as seen in the spring Eternal Nomad collection). The designs are bright and eclectic and the scents are a mix of Illume’s best.  Pineapple Cilantro? Unlike anything, and the brand’s number one seller for years.  Mediterranean? Fresh and sandy. Tangerine Teakwood? Zesty and sweet, and also my favorite design of the Boho bunch.

One thought on “Illume Boho Candle Collection

  1. Lindsay

    I am absolutely in love with my Illume candle; such a beautiful scent. I also love reusing the jars for decorations or holders of smaller items.


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