Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment


Welcome to the family, Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment. I think you’re going to fit in well around here. As the first and only gloss in the cult classic Fresh Sugar line, you are a welcome addition. Sugar Shine has that familiar lemon scent but offers a whole new bag of tricks. Inside the tube, is a slightly pearled, nearly clear gloss that translates as volume on the lips. The kind of shine that has a way of getting you that much closer to Angelina Jolie lips. To get even closer, concentrate an extra dab in just the center of lips. A little extra shine in the middle gives the appearance of a more plumped up lip. I like it because it is soft, cushy and conditioning. It plays well with the other Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments, as you can layer to your heart’s content. But if you do, I’d recommend you dab the wand on your finger and then pat on to your lips. Nothing triggers my OCD like contaminating a clear gloss with color. Right??  I love how it looks layered over Sugar Petal. Since Petal is a close match for my natural lip shade, it gives me the “these are totally my lips in their natural state” polished look. I can never say no to new Fresh Sugar, and I’m totally loving this new addition, which I snagged at Sephora a few weeks ago.

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