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I’m a devoted Fresh follower, particularly of the Sugar Lip Treatments. Each gorgeously encased tube has a place in my beauty routine. There’s not a dud in the bunch. Sugar Passion tops my list of favorite red tinted balms – it’s seriously the best ever. Sugar Plum always satisfies my urge to wear a deep berry lip at the first signs of fall. Sugar Coral launched at the height of the tangerine tango craze of 2012, thus being my everything for an entire summer. Sugar Honey, the nudey of the gang is a perfect warm beige that goes with everything.  And of course, the newest (until now) Sugar Berry wowed me with its “not quite pink or purple but definitely the perfect balance of both” brightening color.

But for years (YEARS!), I have been wondering when Fresh might release a soft pink. Fresh Sugar Petal is that long awaited answer. And it is everything I hoped it would be. Petal is like Honey’s cousin, a light pink that resembles my natural lip color. It has a mauvey rose undertone making it so natural and wearable.  It has me thinking spring and will be the perfect complement to the season. In other words, I’m going to wear this Sugar constantly.

Fresh Sugar Petal is currently available at Sephora and should be launching any day on

For other Fresh followers, what is your favorite Sugar?

7 thoughts on “Fresh Sugar Petal

    1. Laurie Post author

      Hi Sandra! Thank you for following:) Petal is so pretty — and a must if you are a fan of the Sugars (which it sounds like you are!) It’s pretty different than the others, which I really like.


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