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Perhaps you’ve heard, Drew Barrymore has a makeup line. A huge one at that – nearly 200 products! And you may have also heard that it’s exclusively available at Walmart. Not the easiest store to get to for the urban folk, but totally worth a trek to the burbs. As far as celeb beauty lines go, this is more than just a face to a brand. Drew was really involved in the development and put her stamp on everything (this Vogue article has some good Drew flower-isms). I must have stood in front of the display for a good 30 minutes deciding what to buy. The lip color options and finishes are practically endless — gloss, high-shine, lip butter, sheer tint and a cool 3-in-1 contraption.  There’s crème eyeshadows (including a really pretty rose gold!), crème blushes and pretty neutral eyeshadow quads.

The Lip Service Lip Butter is by far my favorite so far! The shade Tempting Tulip is a vibrant pink and the white and gold packaging sets it apart from other budget beauty buys (looks super luxe in this pic, no?) I was pleasantly surprised with the Ready Set Glow! Blush/Bronzer Duo in Gloriously Golden. Smooth texture and just a light tap of the brush goes a long way. Another must is the Zoom-in Ultimate Mascara which has three wands in one with just the twist of the cap. Not only do I like options, I like that this mascara doesn’t flake or smudge! I couldn’t resist the sweet lilac “I Lavendare You” nail lacquer and am also a fan of the Shine On Lip Gloss in the Pretty-in-Petunia shade. Count me in as a new member of the Flower fan club! As I was saying…worth the trip burb-ward!

6 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty

  1. Kashena

    Walmart is an interesting pick for launching a brand-new line. Is she not concerned about the criticisms concerning Walmart’s labor practices?

      1. Kashena

        I really love that she’s made it affordable; oftentimes it’s little luxuries that really can turn a person’s day (or week, or month) around, and those shouldn’t be out of reach for people who don’t make 600k/year. I just have qualms about Walmart’s labor practices, and don’t shop there, so veryone’ll just have to tell me how they like it!

  2. Dianne

    I have just discovered Drew’s makeup line, Flower! It looks fabulous!!! However I live in Australia and the Walmart site says it doesn’t ship here!!!! Help! Where else can I try to buy it from here?!?!


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