Mascara with a Mission


Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful mantra sums up precisely why I love makeup so much. That unstoppable feeling you get putting on a red lip before facing the world or how a sweep of bronzer makes all of the difference in your day. These feelings don’t mean I don’t feel equally powerful bare-faced but the ability to match my lipstick to my mood, or better yet, create the one I want with my lipstick is what I love. There’s been palettes, books and blush before it, but now ‘pretty powerful’ is a mascara…with a mission. Bobbi’s Everything Mascara got a pretty powerful makeover — loving everything about that pink tube! — and every cent you pay for it goes to a charity Bobbi Brown is supporting called The Girl Rising Fund. Every cent! That’s huge. It’s limited edition but you’ve got a few months to snag a tube.

P.S. Did you know that Bobbi Brown now makes eyewear?! Really want to get my eyes behind these frames!

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