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Urban Decay released an OMG amount of its 24/7 Eyeliners this week with the launch of the Urban Decay Eyeliner Vault. We’re talking all the colors in the world…so much eyeliner in one place your eyes can’t focus. I think this is definitely something every girl dreams of, right? In just a day or so, Urban Decay sold out of this online (at $295 a set…though, valued at nearly $800!) There are 40 of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eyeliners in total, including 13 new shades and 15 existing shades that were previously not available as singles. I am a huge fan of the 24/7 Eyeliner. Their staying power is strong and the color options are endless, which is why it’s totally acceptable to stockpile even 40 of them at once.


My personal stockpile of Urban Decay 24/7 neutrals

My favorite easy smoky eye (see here), on days when I don’t have time or energy to use eyeshadow, I take one of the many neutrals (Stray Dog, Uzi, and Underground are my favs) and apply on the upper and lower lash line. A thicker application and you can even smudge it a bit with a brush or your finger before it sets. Then I take a black liquid eyeliner and apply directly in the upper lashline. It makes the eyes look bigger and lashes longer and gives more definition. Tons of mascara on the bottom and top lashes to complete the look.

Now that there are so many new colors, I can’t wait to paint my eyes with a few of them! In particular, the shocking matte cobalt Chaos, Smoke (deepest grey matte) and Desperation (deep matte taupe). You can never have enough neutrals, right?

5 thoughts on “Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Vault

  1. Val @ Making It Sparkle

    Wow!! So many eyeliners!! I’ve heard so many great things about these that I think I need to just go out a buy one (or more) especially now that they have all these amazing colors! I’m really looking for a colorful liner. I think I do have enough neutrals (but I am always willing to get more)!

    Making It Sparkle


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