More Urban Decay Neutral Eyeshadows to Love


My world has been all sorts of crazy lately. Work is really busy, in an exciting yet completely exhausting way, and it’s totally wiping me out. In these moments, my beauty routine goes on auto pilot. Which is totally OK by me because I’m pretty fixated on my Kjaer Weis mascara (99.8% organic and majorly impressive/effective!) and these two Urban Decay eyeshadows. Easy Baked is the lighter gold sister of the brassy Half Baked, which is in both Urban Decay Naked palettes. I didn’t realize that shade could be improved on, but Easy Baked is major. Bronzy lids are a favorite look of mine during the summer and it just doesn’t get any easier than using this eyeshadow. As for the smoky grey Desperation, a shade previously only available in the Urban Decay Vice Palette, it is proving to be a perfect alternative to black liner. It brings out the blue in my eyes.  I’ve been using it as a soft liner smudged along my lash line and to kick it up, I smoke it out onto the lids. When used with Easy Baked, there’s a cool mixed metal effect.  One thing is for sure, Urban Decay is at its best with these shadows. They quietly launched this summer but are now part of the permanent collection. Just when you think you have your neutral bases covered with the Naked palettes, right?

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