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The One-Piece is Back

Supergoop-Self-TanningThe one-piece is alive! No further proof needed than seeing one-piece bathing suits worn by the ladies of the Bachelor on those “once-in-a-lifetime” dates. As Glamour so aptly pointed out, if Chris Harrison allows this, then it most definitely is a thing again. The one-piece, or maillot – if we’re getting fancy, can be sexier than more skin in my opinion. I’m all for body flattering especially when I’m feeling body conscious. I like bagels, a lot. And I’ve been wearing stretchy pants and baggy sweaters for three months.

Pre-vacay, I did a few rounds with Supergoop Gradual Self-Tanning Mousse to make sure this was the only thing blinding people at the pool. The texture is silky and smooth, which makes for an easy application. Bonus: it has SPF 20 so you can totally use this while you’re in the sun, too. The Supergoop added much needed color to my legs, which is an added bonus for a petite girl pulling out all of tricks to appear taller and leaner.


Top, L-R: Best in Waistline; Best in Ruffles; Best in Underwire
Bottom L-R: Best in Deep V; Best in Bandeau; Best in Slimming Stripes

I snagged the navy and neon green halter one-piece with a plunging v and open back for $5 (no joke) at the end of last season from Old Navy. Best score ever, right? My husband even said (without prompt) that he thought it was sexier than my bikini. With an endorsement like that, I mean…order up another.

Beach Beauty Essentials


I’ve finally got this packing light thing down. All of my necessities for five days in Tulum came with me carry-on only. I’m prepared to blind everyone at the pool with this sequined tote. I was eyeing it up at Anthropologie before the holidays and spotted it again a few weeks ago for more than half off. Score! It fits a ton – even my laptop if I want it to. For Tulum, I’ve packed it with a new book, a stack of magazines, my iPad (JUST finished the first season of House of Cards) and a few other essentials.

The Frends headphones fold in half, which make them so travel-friendly. I love they are especially made for women so they don’t feel or look ginormous. These sunglasses I snagged at Old Navy are another purchase I’m so happy about. I love the rose gold accent and patterned stems – and the fact that I only paid $15 for them. It’s the little things, guys.


SPF is the name of the game on this trip. My quart-sized bag is packed to the brim with several tubes of Supergoop and I’ve brought along Juice Beauty CC Cream for another layer of SPF on the face. Gives enough coverage and also adds a dewy finish. Add a touch of this on the cheeks and and there’s my two-step beauty routine in Tulum. There’s Fresh Sugar Honey Balm so I don’t forget to SPF my lips and I skipped the spritz in favor of La Bella Figura Travel Therapy. I always dab it on my wrists when I fly and it doubles as a perfume. A very sexy and relaxing one at that!

For more on Tulum, check out Insta. I keep promising to keep it light on the beach photos, because…ya know, 10 degrees back at home, but, it’s all so pretty to photograph here!

Supergoop City & Sand Travel Tote


It’s only July 1 and I’ve already drained nearly two tubes of SPF, one face, one body. Note: if your sunscreen lasts all season, you’re not using enough! On a recent visit to the Ruby Room — one of my favorite Chicago boutiques — I snagged this Supergoop City & Sand Sunscreen Set to replenish my SPF stash. I’d really wanted to try the City Serum Sunscreen so when I saw in this kit with two other tubes of sunscreen plus a tube of SPF 30 Lip Balm for only $35, I was all over it. Bonus points for the terrycloth zip tote that is actually quite useful for stashing in a beach bag. The Everyday UV Lotion included is made for face and body, so I’ve been using it on my neck, chest and arms every morning before getting dressed. Now I know why people stock up in the super (mega) sized version of this – it’s that comfortable and easy to wear. Oh, and what do you think of my new scarf? The navy stripes and pop of coral make for the perfect summer color palette. It came in the POPSUGAR June Must-Have Box — along with a ton of other goodies like Juice Beauty CC Cream and Moisturizer, a copy of Revenge Wears Prada, a workout DVD and even more. I am majorly impressed. Anyone subscribe to this monthly? Would love to know what you think! Happy July, all!

7 Days of Summer Beauty: SPF, everywhere


We can’t have 7 Days of Summer Beauty without talking Supergoop. First they won me over with their CC Cream and now I’m having major feelings for the Anti-Aging Eye Cream with a whopping SPF 37! For all of the SPF we slather on, it makes sense to have something specific for the delicate eye area. I’m not just talking a standard SPF 15…this is serious protection. I’ve got nothing short of absolute devotion to this eye cream every morning. The stainless steel tip means a cooling massage that is instant relief for a puffy eye area even before coffee (well, now tea…still going strong on that semi-detox!) What’s even better is the eye cream itself doubles as an eye brightener! It’s fueled with natural oat peptides that help treat a whole bunch of issues — the visual impacts of stress, UV damage and of course, fine lines and wrinkles.  And, sunglasses no longer have to be the only line of defense from the sun. Consider this the eye cream you need to survive summer!

It’s a full week of summer beauty! Catch up on Day 1 and Day 2.

How I’m Styling My Summer


One of my favorite faces at Chicago Blogger Network events is always Erin Bassett, of Color Me Styled. So I was excited when she asked me to guest blog on how I’m styling my summer. You could say I approached the topic in the non-traditional sense. It’s all about SPF! It’s the ultimate (albeit invisible) staple accessory of summer. Because sun-damaged skin is never in style!

Head on over to Color Me Styled to check it out!

Decoding the BB and CC Craze


My arsenal of BB + CC

The BB Cream craze took off last year, and there are no signs of it letting up. Now, with the surge of BB’s cousin, the CC Cream, chances are you’re wondering what this alphabet soup is all about. Maybe you’ve even dabbled in a tube or two? BB, a.k.a. blemish or beauty balm, and CC, a.k.a color control or corrective, are essentially next-gen tinted moisturizers.  BB creams have been extremely popular in Asia for decades, used as an alternative to foundation by many women. They’re the ultimate multitaskers — combining skin care, makeup and even sun protection. CC creams are incredibly similar, but usually have higher SPF and target specific skin concerns, like discoloration and redness. By definition alone, the differences seem discernible. In reality, though, many companies release products that blur the lines between BB and CC and some have capitalized on the popularity… slapping on the “BB” label.

I’ve put quite a few BB and CC creams to the test for the sake of beauty! I’m over on The Garmenteur this week with some tips on how to decipher the marketing lingo and provide some recommendations for the BB and CC seeker.

Click on over here to read it in full!

Sephora Holographic Makeup Bag

Sephora-Holographic-Makeup-BagLet’s take a look at the COOLEST makeup bag EVER. I’d been hanging on to a Sephora gift card that was just begging to be spent. I intended to pick up a new eye primer and then I stumbled on this holographic bag that was calling out to me! The rose gold piping and sometimes pink, sometimes orange holograph exterior is just too cool for school. Even my husband was prodding me to get this. Genuinely, too. It’s like we were both under a holographic trance. Side note: I’m not sure when he became such an awesome shopping partner, but I’m totally enjoying this new era. He’s also the one who gave me the gift card, this past Valentine’s Day.

We drove down to the Shops at North Bridge for this excursion, and in order to get validated parking, I “needed” to make a Nordstrom purchase. Finally, the Deborah Lippmann Staccato polishes were out, so I splurged on the minty Rockin’ Robin. I’ve only been waiting for these to come out since February! I also snagged a tube of the new Supergoop CC Cream. It’s only been a few days, but I’m really liking it so far. With all of the BB and now CC cream madness, I’ll be sure to let you know where I stand on the subject soon.