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The Summer Outlook

Herbal Essences Body Envy

Chicago has been such a charmer these past few weeks. It seems that every weekend lately has brought beautiful weather and minimal wait times for an outdoor table. Memorial Day weekend was absolute perfection.  I savored it (especially dinner at Honey Butter’s patio) and tried to extend each moment because now that we passed this point on the calendar, time accelerates.  Summer is easy, sort of, but it’s so jam packed that I already have calendar anxiety. I’m pretty sure that every weekend for the next two months is planned out already.

This weekend, during a warmish shower (ain’t nobody messing with hot baths in an AC-less apartment) and a serious lather with Herbal Essences Body Envy Shampoo, I committed to squashing the anxious feelings and looking on the bright side. Maybe it was the citrusy scent, but I started to feel energized by all there is to do. Nothing like a good hair day and eight hours sleep to get your mind right.

Olay Body Wash

The move. I’m moving in a month. It’s hard to feel excited about that to do list, but I get to move in somewhere brand new, with a man I love, to a place we get to make ours.  With two full bathrooms (good for the relationship!), I’ve got the shower situation under control with a fresh restock of Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash in the lime and white tea scent that is so so good. This never dries my skin out and I use it to shave, too. The bottle lasts for many many (many) showers and gives me vibrant, fresh skin all day long.

The girls’ weekend. I’m also planning a bachelorette party in June. My college roommate is getting hitched and we are going to Madison to celebrate. I just want to make this the most fun weekend for her and everyone going. I want to give her a true bachelorette party, but no tiaras or anything too campy. The part giving me stress is that it falls during a really busy time at work, so I’m balancing that and being present.

CoverGirl TruBlend Bronzer CoverGirl TruBlend Bronzer

The road trip. I’m taking a road trip through Colorado with my boyfriend. I’m such a planner and research every single thing there is to do to a fault. But with all of the rest of the planning I’m doing, I’m considering just winging this one. Is that a freeing feeling I’m experiencing?  I can’t think about it until after I get through June and the move, so I’ll let you know if this carefree attitude sticks around. In the meantime, share any recommendations throughout the state. I want to see it all.

It is summer so one major thread running through all there is to do and experience? Bronzer, obviously. I’ve been trying many and really like COVERGIRL truBLEND Bronzer. It reminds me of a baked bronzer from a brand that would cost way more. It gives a natural bronzy highlight and is really glows on my skin. I use it like blush and then dust it all over with a really light hand.  For the latter, take your fluffiest brush and sweep lightly over your temples, nose, chin and eyelids.

What is your summer outlook? Are you chilling or off to the races? Have you found your summer bronzer?

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The Grey Tee of Hair Care

VERB on Tour

This has been the summer of outdoor music for me. After Mumford, Pitchfork, Lolla and last week’s Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson show at Northerly Island (yes…that day was the greatest day I’ve ever known), I’m ready for a more intimate gathering. Not that dancing around Grant Park as Florence battled a lightning storm wasn’t one of the most epic moments, ever. It was. And you should watch her pour her heart into the Dog Days Are Over, which was the last song she was able to perform before the storm won.  Chills. She even tore her shirt off! All hail Florence. I was full-on ready for that rain after three days of sweating it out in 95 degree weather. If there’s any time that reminds you to just embrace what you’re naturally working with (plus lots of SPF), it’s outdoor music fests. Straight hair, don’t care.

VERB2 VERB Products

It was around the time of Pitchfork that I discovered VERB. They’re from Austin – so you know they’re pretty cool – and have an easy living, no-nonsense approach to hair care. The line is no-frills with a modern aesthetic. It’s like the grey tee of hair. It was created by stylists that wanted to make the hair care found in their salons more affordable, which I love. Which is why every product is $14 – all of’ em. The Sea Spray, which gives a nice beachy texture to hair. I can’t get my hair to naturally feel this way so I love this stuff hard.

VERB Dry Shampoo

And the Dry Shampoo, which is the model for all dry shampoos should be packaged. The tapered dropper means you never accidentally pour half the bottle on your head on a sleepy morning. Even the Ghost Oil rivals any of the big salon-known shine serums.  Beyond styling aids, the Shampoo and Conditioner has a slight citrusy oat scent that is pleasant and safe for color-treated hair. Everything is unisex, too, and there’s a few dude-centric clays.

Consider me a convert. I took all of my VERB on tour with me to Toronto! Along with several grey tees.

Let’s Do This, Lolla

Music Festival Prep

I cringe a bit when I hear the phrase “getting festival ready.”  Perhaps because I’ve been getting emails for what feels like months from PR people with that subject line.  Music festivals are not some glamorous affair. Getting festival ready is more of a pack extra deodorant, pray it doesn’t rain and hope you don’t get too annoyed with teenagers on Molly.  Which is precisely what I’m doing pre-Lollapalooza. I know I sound like a real curmudgeon so I’ll check that right now. I’m going all three days and I’m actually really excited. And guys, I’m ready. The tub of Soapwalla is already set aside; here’s what else I’ve got going on.

Music festivals and rompers don’t mix…hi, port-a-potty. I’ll be wearing this dress in black and this tank. The cutout detail is the cutest and it hits pretty long for a crop. // No heat tools necessary – my hair will be wash and go all weekend. As it’s air drying, I’ve been applying the new Bumble ‘Don’t’ Blow It’ serum into my hair, twisting the ends so it gives it a bit of undone texture. // Keep the makeup minimal since you’re likely to sweat it off anyway. I found the BEST cream eye shadow from Charlotte Tilbury that lasts all day. It’s legit waterproof and glides on my eyelids like a silk mousse. The creamy Jean layered under the taupe Marie Antoinette is my jam. // My main accessory are my Warby shades. Love the pink tortoise print. // I’ll absorb the sweat with ILIA’s Fade Into You powder. Cuts the shine and hot mess-ness without chalkiness. // SPF is a must – especially if you plan on being outside for three days. I go through tubes of Neutrogena Baby SPF (it’s a zinc/titanium dioxide blend), apply the Fresh Sugar Nude throughout the day (SPF 15) and wear the IT Cosmetics CC Cream as my foundation. No joke, this is some next level CC cream.  It gives me peace of mind with the high SPF coverage and it actually corrects skin with peptides, niacin, algae, vitamins (A, C, B & E!), hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen. Damn, right?

Anyone else Lolla-bound?

Summertime is ______

312 Beauty Toronto

Let’s do this one together. Summer is_______.

I could finish that sentence in so many ways.

Summer is spontaneous. I took the long way home from work earlier this week (from my company’s office in Toronto!) around Queen’s Park and through the surrounding neighborhoods. Everything about the evening was perfect – the sun was bright as it was setting, the air breezy and calm, the architecture rustic and filled with character for blocks.

EcoTools Volume Brush

Summer is easy. I’ve been getting ready in about 15 minutes flat (and sleeping for an extra 40 min, yay!) I wake up so much more refreshed in the summer. My shorter hair is a breeze to manage as long as I don’t go to bed with it wet (cowlick city). I wash in the evenings and do a quick blowout with the EcoTools Full Volume Styler. My hair dries fast as is but this brush cuts it back by another minute. It’s vented throughout – I love the design! Technology, man.  This brush is technically made for long hair but it does wonderful voluminous tricks for short hair when you use it with the blow dryer. I’m usually bedhead styled in the mornings, so tote along VERB Dry Shampoo for later. There’s not much this Madewell et Sezane tote doesn’t fit. It was a birthday present I gave myself!

312 Beauty Toronto

Summer is fleeting. I appreciate every sunny day for the gift it is! Say yes to a drink after work, take a walk, breathe in the air and just look around.

Summer is GOOD. No time like the weekend to be reminded of that!

How would you finish that sentence?

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