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Need to Know: NARS Summer

NARS Summer

I like what you’re working with, NARS. A fun new color collection launched this week. With product names like Hot Sand, Tropical Princess and Lost Coast, it’s clear this is for summer! The mixed palette of bright orange — that nail polish! – lilac and champagne is precisely what I want to wear right now. Specifically, you need to know just what a tiny squeeze of the peach illuminator mixed in with your tinted moisturizer can do for your complexion followed by layering the lavender and pewter shadows in the Lost Coast Duo on your eyelids. NARS always pairs colors together that you wouldn’t on your own and the result always surprises me, in a good way.

Hope everyone has a nice long holiday weekend in store. I’m still reeling from last night’s Scandal finale. I’m mostly sad I have to wait until next season for more Scott Foley.

Need to Know: bareSkin Serum


Swirl, tap, buff is getting a shakeup. As in, shake, drop, buff. Enter bareMinerals new foundation that brings two BE worlds together: minerals and skin care. Did I mention…bareSkin Foundation is a liquid? Did you ever think we’d see the day? Apparently, team BE has been working behind the scenes for quite some time to get this one just right and even designed a new brush to be its sidekick. Consider me tres intrigued by everything bareSkin has to offer: a short ingredient list, lightweight texture and a finish that is both dewy and brightening.  But mostly that brush which has a RESERVOIR in the middle to hold the foundation so it doesn’t drip around the sides before you get to buffing. It’s rolling out everywhere on May 1, but available now on QVC.

Need to Know: Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose


Last fall while I was in NY for a hot second, I made a spontaneous trip to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Soho only to have my hopes of making my own custom Bite lipstick dashed. It was my own fault for not planning ahead as there were a few lucky gals with appointments ahead of me. So instead I headed to the airport without that tube of rosy pink with a touch of coral that I was going to make. That experience is still on my to do list but Bite just did me one better with its new Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library. A dozen lip glosses inspired by every color you’ll find in a bouquet of red and pink roses. Each color looks prettier than the next and the gloss itself is infused with Rose Otto oil which is super precious and beautifying. And the icing on the cake is this set came out at the exact moment Sephora is holding its spring beauty event….15% off through April 11. Happy Friday, indeed!

Need to Know: ILIA Fade Into You


By Friday, my brain is usually fried. I’m almost always behind on email, too, so if I owe you one — it’s coming! In the spirit of keeping things fresh around here, I’m rolling out a new Friday feature. One that matches my overloaded state of mind (and inbox).  Before we head in to the glorious days called Saturday and Sunday, may I inform you on the one thing you need to know about. Let’s all have a moment over this adorable portable powder from ILIA. It’s brand spanking new and I’m certain I need it in my purse like yesterday. Called ‘Fade Into You’ (the name is even cute), it is more than just your average translucent powder but chock full of oils, minerals and vitamins, like aloe, leaf extract,  passion fruit and rosemary oils. The idea is it doesn’t mask oil or take away your dewy glow but melts, sorry fades, into skin. It is so ILIA chic and looks just like her incredible line of organic lipsticks, which are the best of the rest. Now you know.

P.S. Did you see that DailyCandy is shutting down next week? I’m pretty emo about this as I’ve been a reader for 10 years. The internet is wild.