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A Roundup That Isn’t The Pits

It’s been almost two years since I talked about my pits. No personal care category is off limits here, as you know. Also, in those two years, seems as the natdeo movement has only picked up steam. I read that deodorant will be a nearly 3.5 BILLION industry in two years – and consumer preference is veering to more alternative options. By and large, I only wear natural deodorant, free of antiperspirants which credit aluminum as their active ingredient. I made the switch several years ago and I no longer am concerned about smelling. Given this demand, there are a ton of new natural options to help you keep your underarms the freshest. This is one of the most subjective products to weigh in on because body chemistry and all so take my recommendations with that context.

I wanted to like Agent Nateur. To be honest, I’m still not giving up – I’m eyeing up the limited Rose version and the  masculne (holi)man (I do have an Old Spice weakness). This was a “because of the internet” try and while the world wide web loves it, I don’t. I tried several times and while it is a lovely formula that smells softly of lavender, my body chemistry just doesn’t mesh. But, gosh, it’s the deodorant minimalists everywhere are wanting.

The masculine aroma of Ursa Major is just right. The formula, though, is just aight. I am not a sweaty person and I felt like my underarms were always wet. That’s often the case with natural deodorants – you’ll still sweat but there won’t be any bad smells. I guess I want too much because I’m not down with wet pits.

I was downright loyal to Nourish Organic Fresh Fig for at least a year. First, it’s inexpensive and it comes in a stick. The downside:  I fly through the stuff. At one point, I bought half a dozen on Amazon because I felt like I was always on the verge of running out. As it always goes, I found something I liked more but I would recommend Nourish. There are other scents but this is the only one that I liked.

I have a special affection for Soapwalla because it’s the brand that converted me to natural.  Soapwalla is a pioneer in the category and it’s legit. I found the baking soda in the original formula eventually to be irritating to my skin. It never hurt but I started to get red burn-like marks under there which became problematic in the warmer months. I do find the Citrus variety to be gentler and just as effective.

I saved my favorite for last – I’m a Piper Wai devotee. I discovered this about a year and a half ago at Marissa from BeauTeaBar’s recommendation. For awhile, she was the only one who sold and then the founders went on SharkTank and got crazy in demand. For months, it was out of stock and I was getting twitchy. I’m happy they have more fans and are starting to update their packaging. They even have a roller stick now.

Ultimately, I’ve grown to appreciate massaging deodorant on with my fingers. The consistency and feel of natural deodorants is not unlike body butter. Don’t knock it till you try it, trust me.

Any pit talk to share? Or just anything got you feeling the pits….you know, like censorship, voter rights’ suppression or border walls? Ok, byeeeeeeeee.

I Work Out


I’ve been Classpass-ing my way through Toronto since I’ve been here.  Working out regularly has made me feel a little more normal, like I live here. Which, I do, but I still can’t quite seem to master cooking at home and grocery shopping. I feel like I either waste food or don’t have everything I need to spice it up and cook properly. To say I’m craving the comforts of my own kitchen would be an understatement. But I am mega thankful that I can use Classpass here without adjusting my membership in any way. So easy! Toronto’s workout scene is pretty awesome – I’ve done “Ladies Who Lift,” tons of barre – including a restorative class where I basically gave myself an intense myofascial treatment with a foam roller (holy moans sounding in that room – hurt so good) and deconstructed yoga. Variety is my jam. Here are a few of the essentials for the #fitbitch life.

fitness finds

I’m paying these GapFit leggings forward. My friend wore them to a class one day and I ordered them the next day (in both colors!) I actually find I like wearing them for lounging and running errands because they don’t feel like workout pants. They’re so flattering with ribbed sides and a slimming waistband.

Most of my workout wardrobe is from Old Navy. Can’t beat the price and everything holds up really well no matter how much you wash them. I love the sexy mesh detail on this top!

Sometimes I shower twice a day (always steamy hot water) so I make moisturizing a serious priority. I absolutely cannot get enough of the One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Body Serum. It’s such a treat to breathe in this aroma and I love the oversized spray handle for easy use. It keeps my skin smooth all day and I think over time has improved the feel of my skin (bold statement but truth!)

I never understood why people have to replace their sneakers so often but I get it now. I love these Nikes but can definitely feel the wear after running and working out in them since the winter. Time for an upgrade.

I stocked up on these Hurraw balms at The Detox Market in Toronto and always keep one in my workout bag. I hate starting a class with dry lips and also don’t want to wear anything with color. These are perfect – and under $5 a pop!

I was in a good place with my Soapwalla citrus deodorant but decided to give PiperWai a try after I heard so many raves. It’s gray in color from the activated charcoal but blends in clear to skin. And it is incredible. You can use it right after shaving without irritation and it holds up the best of anything I tried. I’m a convert.

If you like cold water to stay cold or do any type of hot yoga, then S’well is for you. I’ve been seeing these bottles at gyms for the past year and finally decided to give it a go. Now, it’s the only way I like to drink my water. Cold beverages stay cold (like chillingly cold) for 24 hours. The bottles are mega cute, too. And this is when I admit to you all that I might have a water bottle accessory problem. Oy.

Teva Glam


Earlier this spring, I decided I wanted to go to Madison to celebrate my birthday. The city is incredibly special to me and I wanted to be in one of my favorite places with my favorite people. Mission accomplished! I consumed an excess of cheese curds and beer and made gaga eyes at the state Capitol every chance I got. We polka danced, paddleboarded and brunched.  It was glorious. I also debuted a pair of Tevas and felt like I was walking on pillows. Is there anything more Madison than wearing Tevas? No. The answer is a solid no. I’m not mad at the Teva resurgence one bit. It’s inspiring a low key Laurie and I dig the vibes. Pretty pick this, shall we?

Tevas: They’re affordable, lightweight and they look damn good with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts and a muscle tank. There’s something to be said for that Velcro, too.  // You know what also looks good with Tevas? This speckled Silk Crop Top from Chicago designer Argaman & Definance. They make silk scarves (and cute crops!) using dye made from tree bark and leaves. // Rollerball perfume is uber convenient for carrying in your purse. I’m obsessing over the Illume Grapefruit Oleander rollerball. Has just the right amount of patchouli. // There are a lot of parallels between Madison and Austin – some call them sister cities. So it makes sense that I would adore this line of haircare from Austin-based Verb. They’re about quality over frills and believe in easy living. YES. // Whipped shea butter and rosemary essential oil? My feet are calling for some Osmia therapy! // I’m in for Soapwalla 2.0…the only other natural deodorant that has been effective for me now comes in Citrus. // RMS launched a few neutral shades for summer and the rosy nude Lip Shine in Honest is perfect. I plan to stockpile. // A serum with a sheen….Gressa knows how to make your skin look the best it ever has without having you load up on makeup. More of this equates to less makeup. And more time to enjoy time in your Tevas!

Do I Smell? (And Other Questions I Constantly Ask Myself)

Natural Deodorant

I want to talk to you about B.O. YEAH. That stank can knock you out. I mean, it’s basically what happens to me every time I go to CorePower and a man lays his mat next to mine. Sorry, gents. I am fascinated by our bodies. Definitely my body. Though your body, too. And the body of Mr. Namaste. For starters, I swear drinking kombucha has transformed my immune system into a military fortress — seriously, everyone I know has been sick. And I ride public transit, am a close talker and even share beverages (kombucha pusher) without thinking. Somehow, I’m more than surviving. Knocks on wood.

More on topic, however, is what goes on deep in the underarm. I’ve been really into quoting song lyrics lately, and this one just feels right, so I’m going with it:  “Your Body is a Wonderland.” More specifically, a wild ecosystem. Our forearms, a desert. The head = cool forest. And obviously, the pits, some type of rainforest (according to a 1968 essay on human skin by Mary J. Marples) Are you still reading?!

It was just ‘Body Week’ on FastCo and this article on body odor really struck a chord.  In short, antiperspirants mask a short term problem but might actually lead to more bacteria. Actually, more diverse types, which may be problematic because they are all competing to be THEE bacteria. I know, I didn’t realize that bacteria was so competitive with each other, either. That fight might be what leads to le odor as “bad” bacteria flourish.  I’m no scientist but I am fascinated by this—it’s like there is a whole other world occupying our body and waging constant war. The bigger question:  are we so anti-bacterial that we are doing our bodies more harm?

I tend to think so. My kombucha-dranking self has been a full-on natural deo convert for more than a year. Everything I read had me questioning why I was clogging my pores up with aluminum. So I quit. The transition wasn’t without struggle. The body absolutely goes through an adjustment phase and not all formulas can handle a day in the life. For me, I need a deodorant that can hack a full 15+ hours. No, I don’t want to reapply mid-day . Yes, I expect to smell like roses. I require that I maintain a pleasant aroma.

I’ve tried this cult classic and liked it until I didn’t (burn-like rash but no pain) and this newcomer (really love but use a tube too quickly) but I always go back to Nourish. The traditional stick packaging is a winner and I don’t feel like I’ve sacrificed anything.  I’m not afraid to raise the roof, ever, and actually think I smell better. I feel more in balance under there than I ever have. This is a long winded way of telling you that you can do it, too, if you want. Also, your body is a freaking wonderland. John Mayer cooed as much back in the day and I’m adopting it for the sake of my point.

Pure on Purpose…GREENBODY


I’m committed to the point of stubborn so once I made the decision to ditch the chemical deodorants, I was all in. Recall this moment last fall when it all started? I had a really good ride with the Soapwalla deodorant cream. The issue over time was that the sodium bicarbonate (a.k.a. baking soda) irritated my underarms, which was so the pits (you’d take that pun, too…mmmkay.) Never to the point of pain but visibly in a burnt-state. I’ve got a warm weather wardrobe to consider and well, if I want to encourage others to take the nat deo plunge, that look isn’t helping. Plus, applying deodorant with your fingers is an acquired process. Old habits die hard. I’ve had more than a few trials end poorly in recent months so I manage my expectations accordingly. That self-level-setting makes it all the more sweeter when you find something incredible. Which I have…GREENBODY natural deodorant is a diamond in the rough. This is one of those under the radar brands that you probably don’t know about and is led by one seriously passionate woman who just wants to keep us fresh without the chemicals. I’ve been using the sporty version which is handcrafted using nourishing butters, oils and a hint of pine and wintergreen leaves. It blows everything out of the water. Greenbody, which is pure on purpose (adore that message!), also makes a baking soda-free formula for the pH-sensitive. L-O-V-E.