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Pretty Picks: $15 and under


How was everyone’s weekend? We went to see a movie on Saturday – Nonstop. It was good but plane movies give me anxiety so I’m not sure why I did that to myself. The weekend also began at 60 degrees on Friday, yet we woke up to lake effect snow on Sunday. Relentless, ugh. I’ve decided now to take it all in stride. No more complaining about the weather, promise. It can only go up from here! Starting with a few pretty pick, all under $15.

Molton Brown body wash is everything and now a few of those irresistible scents exist in hand cream form. YES! // Ban.Do bobbies…I mean, how cute is this ‘cool’ one?  // Illume Go Be Lovely Demi Perfumes take the cake for on-the-go frag. I can’t quite part with the outer packaging of my tube. // I want to stuff all of my makeup in these floral printed bags from Sonia Kashuk’s spring collection. Especially this double-zip pouch.  // The Revlon manicure kit that looks like a Marchesa gown. // EcoTools has a new brush made for BB and CC creams. // Yes to…a new grapefruit lip balm that costs less than a tall soy misto. // These Hard Candy eye shadows remind me so much of the limited edition version Stila put out last year. I’m eyeing up this neutral blend.

The List: January 2014


After all the holiday glitz, it’s nice to get back to a more normal everything in January. Finally, my schedule is more open and I feel like I can relax a bit. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ll spend most of my January nights taking a hot and steamy bath. It’s the only way to survive! Here’s everything I’m loving for this month.

A better bottle. Must.Stay.Hydrated. I’ve been pretty loyal to my Camelbak but just picked up my first bkr glass bottle and am hooked! I love that there is zero plastic (it always has a smell, ya know?) and the colors and designs are really fresh.

Edgy baubles. I am so into everything in BaubleBar’s latest guest bartender collection with Ashley from Revenge! Who is also Ashley in real life, who knew? The fuchsia bib necklace is such a pretty burst of color and I like how she styled it with an emerald green striped tee. I’m also seriously intrigued by the ear cuff but wondering if I’m cool enough to pull it off? Here’s to trying.

Boho Rock. I’m feeling the vibe of butter LONDON’s spring collection. Soft metals and neutral lips are a great combo. I especially love the platinum ‘Earl Grey’ Wink Cream Shadow.

Gel toner. Osmia Organics is responsible for the best blemish treatment, ever. I’m convinced that Dr. Sarah (creator and master!) has solved zits altogether. Her Gel Toner, which I rediscovered recently, cleared up my post-holiday dairy-induced skin issues in a matter of a couple days.

Spicy showers. More like hot showers and lots of them. It is nearly impossible to stay warm in this weather. For an extra jolt of alert, I’ve been using Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash. It smells like a sexy man!

Rose everything. Can’t get enough. This Kusmi Rose Green Tea is delicious! Trying to start 2014 off with more tea and less coffee. Adding Tata Harper Be Adored Lip Treatment to my wishlist — the rosy hue looks like the perfect go with everything color.

Cleansing sponges. How these Konjac sponges work to smooth and detox skin, I’ll never completely understand, but they do! Dr. Sponge has a variety of face and body sponges for different concerns and the black bar with activated charcoal helps get rid of  those dreaded body blemishes. It is so soft and cushy but works better than anything.

Travel Skincare Diaries


I love skincare minis for travel. Sometimes I’ll even order full-size from certain places just so I can get those minis (Spirit Beauty Lounge, you complete me). Anyone else hoarding minis in a bin under the sink? I find travel can be a great way to test products. Here’s the discoveries I made this past weekend in DC.

I started testing the S.W. Basics Cleanser last week and couldn’t bear to leave it at home for four days. I knew that it would save my skin from any travel breakouts. It’s actually sold in a 1 oz. version so you can bring it with you. The formula is so simple and effective, just three ingredients: organic rosewater, glycerin and tea tree oil. Shake it up, dab it on a cotton pad, spread it over your face and then rinse with warm water. It’s incredibly gentle and is really making me rethink how I cleanse my face.

I had a mini sample of Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum that I’d been saving for just the right trip. Two days would have been too short and I would have ended up throwing part of it away. There is surprisingly a lot of product in those tear away samples! Kahina’s Eye Serum is beyond — I need to upgrade to a full-size stat. It is lightweight, which is great for day and night, but seriously powerful. We’re talking peptides to restore collagen, argan oil and sodium hyaluronate to plump skin, alfalfa to soothe and a botanical complex to depuff and lighten up dark circles. It has a cooling effect on skin, too, which feels so good in the morning.

I just can’t with hotel body wash. I need that touch of home in the shower, so prefer to bring my own. I’m hooked on Molton Brown and the Patchouli & Saffron Body Wash smells insanely good. Intoxicatingly good. There’s a leather note in there that is so sexy. Plus, my husband could use it, too.  The mini was cute, but how adorable is the full-size bottle?

I am a body oil convert, but they can be tricky to pack. Plus, I was excited to try the CV Skinlabs Body Repair lotion. I literally squeezed every last drop from the sample I packed. If you have any type of skin irritation—eczema, dry skin, etc. – this is for you. Every ingredient serves a healing purpose. The founder created this line when her dad was fighting cancer to help him with the side effects on his hair, skin and nails. It’s completely non-toxic and feels wonderful on skin. Dry hotel air did not get the best of me.

Up next? A long weekend in Minneapolis.

bluemercury Celebrates 14 Years


And….it’s Monday again. How was your weekend? I spent some time visiting friends in Madison and it was perfect. Fresh air, great dinners, farmer’s market on the square and — my favorite — ample terrace time. I’m forever in love with that city. I didn’t realize it when we planned this weekend, but it also coincided with the Phillip Lim for Target launch which means…SUBURBAN TARGET. I wouldn’t have dared brave that trip in Chicago and battle it out with the fashion-obsessed ladies of this town, but my girlfriend and I decided to head to the Sun Prairie Target (read: cows and open land) about 10 miles from Madison and we hit the jackpot. There were only five people in the entire store when it opened at 8am. And in that moment I hatched a plan to definitely do that again in the future. Bring it on Target! I’m ready for your designer mania now.

While I was catching up on emails on our drive back, I came across the scoop on bluemercury’s anniversary gift. The boutique is celebrating 14 years of beauty this month with a special treat for shoppers who spend $150. Marla Malcolm Beck, founder of bluemercury, pulled together her favorite products that help get her through her busy weeks. For those of you who read Marla’s beauty blog regularly (like moi!), you’ll recognize quite a few of these from her past posts. This gift is a take home version of her bathroom! There’s the Ren Radiance Renewal Mask she likes to use on Thursday nights while she catches up on email and the Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily bath gel she uses as bubble bath. The gift is available in stores or online the rest of the month or until it runs out of stock. And, if you need a refresher on why I love this store, may I direct you to my very first 312 Shops post?