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Argan Oil Is Always a Good Idea


I am a full-fledged beauty oil devotee and I will speak at length about how it has changed my skin for the better. But, even I wasn’t sure how oil would fly as a blush. I mean, doesn’t that just seem like a slippery disaster in the making? As it turns out, no. It’s a pretty fab reality. Josie Maran is creating makeup with Argan Oil in more nontraditional ways and the Creamy Lip and Cheek Oil is a prime example.  Stays in place and gives a dewy pinch of color. It starts as a cream then melts into a sheer oil when it warms to your skin. There’s Argan Oil (obvs) but also butters from sunflowers and tangerines so the smell is citrusy and uplifting. To minimize the dew a smidge you can also use a brush to stipple on.  But I recommend going full dew. Limitless Pink is a soft and feminine hue that makes me feel precious but Boundless Berry and Always Cherry bring out my sassy side. Speaking of which, someone told me that I share similar face characteristics to Eva Green and now I’m all BRING EM OUT. Right? What a compliment.  I’m totally channeling this persona. Always Cherry it is! Besides the loveliness it imparts on my cheeks it is also a divine soak of moisture on the lips. A major feat since so many lip and cheek products never quite deliver on both fronts.

Let’s Talk Lipstick

Josie Maran Happy Honey

Today is basically a national holiday. Almost. It’s National Lipstick Day so I feel it only appropriate to talk about my favorite swivel bullet as of late. I cannot take credit for this discovery but will certainly preach the power of what might just be the perfect nude lipstick. My coworker Rachel, one of my favorite Chicago-based humans, flashed this rose gold tube of Josie Maran Happy Honey at work one day and confidently told me that it was a game-changing discovery. For good measure, she applied it in that moment and even I can’t deny visual evidence.  I thought about it for a few days and took the plunge myself. So did another coworker — the Happy Honey craze is spreading like wildfire. The inner core is a rosy nude with just the right balance of pink and brown and it’s wrapped in a blanket of Josie’s Argan Oil. It’s all very hi-tech. Right when you apply – mirror optional – there’s an intense dewy effect from the argan oil that slowly disappears into your lips, hydrating like woah along the way. What other incredible discoveries have you guys made? I’m all ears today. Let’s do Lipstick Day justice!

Josie Maran Argan Oil with Radiance


Puppies are to thank for me discovering Josie Maran’s Argan Oil with Radiance. It’s really the perfect storm of all things I love: puppies (clearly), facial oils and glowing skin.  Josie Maran teamed with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation on her 2013 “Model Citizen” collection, a trio of limited edition Argan products, and will donate ten percent of all sales to his Foundation. I haven’t paid much attention to Ian since his days on Lost (Boone!), so I was surprised to find out that he’s a major eco activist and is building a sustainable farm that will also serve as a shelter for neglected animals.  I lose sleep over the fact that there is an army of homeless cats (you may call them strays…but I see it differently) roaming my neighborhood. It’s a good cause and one that tugs on my heart strings a bit. My pup has a loving home and I just want that for other animals, too.

Beyond the irresistible puppy cuteness and beauty of both Josie and Ian in the campaign images, the products are really the star.


(Right: what Argan with Radiance looks like out of the bottle. Left: slightly blended)

The ‘with’ Radiance is kind of blowing my mind.  I expected shimmer and highlight, but it’s really a subtle glow that looks natural on the skin. I wore it to the gym the other day and it made me sweat prettier. I’ve also been using it in the morning as a moisturizer (over a serum, under my sunscreen) and it just gives skin a little something. It’s just begging to be added in to concealer, tinted moisturizers, body lotion, etc. I get all mixologist with highlighters and foundations all the time but the subtle effect here makes this incredibly versatile.

I’m aware that this is available for a fleeting time, so now that I’ve tested it out, I’m pretty sure I need to get involved with the other two products in the collection. This time, it’s not the puppies drawing me in. Though, I’ll never say no to pictures like this.

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream


A few Fridays ago, QVC had a day of beauty. Being such a wild party girl and all, I DVR’d hours of it while I was at work so I could watch it when I got home. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of Josie Maran telling the story of discovering argan oil (arrrrggon oil!) while on a modeling shoot. I seriously love me some Q. And any off-shoot of Josie’s argan empire is usually a hit for me. When I saw her demo her new Argan Infinity Cream, it was in my shopping cart like yesterday. It contains more than just argan oil, but a blend of creamy butters, like shea and mango seed, and tons of other oils, including tangerine peel, avocado and coconut. I always have a need for a good (and good for you) multi-use moisturizer.

It looks like Vaseline but as soon as you blend it turns into a rich oil. Makes sense, since Josie’s inspiration was to create a natural version of the Vaseline she used growing up that could be used infinitely – as a face mask, moisturizer, lip balm, mixed in with powder makeup for an insta cream shadow/foundation/luminizer, to revive concealer and even ease sunburns. On top of all of that, it smells like a clementine. I love to use this on my cuticles and tops of my hands (why does that area get SO dry?!) and also as a targeted moisturizer around my nose and on my elbows. But I recognize a good challenge when I see one. Josie printed 20 ways to put the Infinity Cream to use right on the packaging itself, but is putting out a call for new ideas. I will uncover a few, give me time. As for you, email infinity@josiemaran.com with any recommendations. But, please, do share here first!

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream is available at QVC for $28.