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How I Organize My Makeup

I really don’t like to move. Yet, here I am about to make my third one in three years. It was last Fourth of July weekend that we moved in to our first place together. Later this month, we are moving to a bigger place that I plan to turn into a Scandinavian wonderland of greenery, white walls and neutral tones. I realized when we were in Sweden and Finland that I simply do not have enough plants in my life. A new place also means a fresh chance at organization. There are parts of our current apartment I really love – like our bedroom that is one of a kind, what you get in a home built in the 1800s – and elements that do not work for me: like my bathroom. I’ve never quite loved how I stored my beauty products here. I scatter things around – beauty products are decor in my world – but I like storing and doing my makeup in my bathroom. Larger countertops are in our future and that is very exciting. I will, however, miss my medicine cabinet. I’ve gotten really used to my skin care having a ‘Top Shelf’ style home.

Soon, all of this will get packed in boxes, so I thought I’d share you how I’m currently storing my makeup.

I use this glass and copper metal organizer to store the makeup I’m using now, everything that’s in my seasonal beauty wardrobe. The different compartments make it easy to keep all of my makeup options yet it is small enough to keep on my bathroom counter, which isn’t huge. I also use recycled candles to store brushes and mascaras, liners, brow products, etc. Basically anything with a tall and skinny handle works well in a candle.

I love the Nars candle for brushes. It’s bigger than a standard Diptyque so I can store a lot of brushes in it, even the wide-handled Real Techniques. I do recycle my empty Diptyques for other beauty products though. The small size is perfect to store q-tips and perfume samples. If you’re going to burn a luxury candle, you owe it to yourself to keep it around after the fact, right? At the moment, I’m working on future beauty storage with the Overose Nudesse candle.

And, then there’s the archive. After the purge I did this year, I have less stuff but still makeup that I don’t want in my everyday storage. I ordered these acrylic stackable drawers from Amazon and a topper as well. The topper is my favorite part but it is not a perfect fit, despite it being the same brand. It’s like the tiniest bit off, so it technically works it just drives me nuts because it isn’t exact.

I can’t wait to improve on this in our new home. And, I feel way better that I already got did a big purge so now I’m moving with less.

I could look at beauty organization pics all.damn.day so welcome any tips you might have. How do you control the chaos?

P.S. I’m over on Meg Biram’s blog talking about organization along with other beauty bloggers and experts.

Smells Like Love

I’m starting to view my life in This is Us style flashbacks. Two years ago, I boarded an early flight to Minneapolis, filling out Drake-themed valentines on board for my friends. I was out of town for the weekend but was enjoying texting with a guy I’d yet to meet. Tonight, I expected to be home watching the Valentine’s Day episode of This is Us (and totally crying, because every week without question it happens) but my boyfriend has other plans. I have no idea where we are going but I suspect it might be the spot where we had dinner together for the first time almost two years ago. Life is crazy and love is wild and I’m getting swept up in the emotion of it all.

Today is special because we say it is. Not because it’s Valentine’s Day but also appreciating that this is the time of year our story began. Scent is the most powerful memory trigger so this week, I resurrected a favorite fragrance of mine that happens to be what I was wearing two years ago. I could not get enough of Diptyque Vetyverio – I wore it nonstop. I am certain I wore it exclusively the first six months of our relationship. I don’t hear enough about this fragrance and that’s actually fine by me. I like being different. You all can have your Santal 33 and Gypsy Water (j/k – I totally need some Byredo in my life) Vetyverio is the ultimate masculine meets feminine perfume with the earthy, woodsy vetiver and a burst of floral bouquets. I get a wave of rose and when it dries down, there’s a spice to it that clings to my skin. I feel sexy wearing this perfume. And every time I get a whiff, I remember so vividly falling in love. I don’t take that for granted.

Let’s Hang Out


Ain’t no party like a 312 Beauty (re)launch party! But not because it doesn’t stop. It’s because we have candles and Social!

If you’re local, I hope you’ll come join me at diptyque for a special soiree on November 4.  There will be plenty of my new favorite sparkling bev to toast with and treats and raffles from diptyque. It’s always a good night when I can step away from the internet and interact with you in real life! Swing on by and we’ll all collectively swoon over diptyque’s new holiday collection. The fun starts at 5pm. See ya there?

How Bazar


One of the most beautiful boutiques in all of Chicago is certainly diptyque in Bucktown. And, ya know, it happens to smell pretty nice in there, too. I stopped in there a few weeks ago to peek at the new 34 Collection, an homage to the original diptyque at 34 Saint Germain in Paris. The vibe was different, in a good way. I was surprised to see colorful and vibrant patterns of cards and notebooks, fragrance diffusers shaped as birds, a marbled clay candle, bronzed candle holders and the most perfect vintage-esque bottle of perfume that looked like it could have been plucked from Catherine Deneuve’s vanity in the 60s. Note on the latter – in prepping for this collection, they went on a massive treasure hunt to source the bottle and found one of the only master glassmakers in France still working traditionally by hand. The collection ‘Le Bazar’ is a modern take on diptyque’s market-like beginning. Before I even stepped in the boutique I was welcomed by the scent of the Le Redoute candle, a reincarnation of the potpourri filling the air on opening day at 34 Saint Germain. Like most diptyque candles, it’s a bold aroma that can envelop your entire home immediately. This is a good thing — I put it to test at my house! It’s a cozy woodsy scent made of cinnamon, clove, orange, rose, cedar and amber. The mat porcelain exterior is special, albeit a departure from the diptyque aesthetic I love so much. Each candle is made by hand using a mixed clay method which makes them all one-of-a-kind. But really, it’s the stories and creativity behind every item in this collection that stands out.

A Very Diptyque Valentine’s Day + Giveaway


How do you apply your perfume? I’ve always been a spray through the air and walk through it kind of girl, which the lovely ladies at Diptyque informed me is the French way. Instantly my haphazard ways are Parisian chic! A few weeks ago, I visited the Bucktown Diptyque boutique— always a wonderful treat for the senses. I was in search of a new perfume and let my nose lead the way.



Diptyque approaches the scent selection, be it home or personal, in a very experiential manner. Starts with a chat on your likes and dislikes and continues with a “last man standing” style smell test. No worries if you don’t know your scent profile — mine is admittedly vague and ADD. They have a way of challenging your instincts and introducing you to notes you didn’t even know you would like. I am all rose all the time, but my favorite candle is Baies (it’s actually the top seller) and I’m wildly attracted to the Vetyverio perfume. OK…yes, both of those have rose, but vetiver in its pure form is a rooty, earthy scent. Turns out, I love it.


Because it’s Valentine’s Day and I adore you all, I’ve got a giveaway courtesy of of the Diptyque Bucktown team!

If you’re in Chicago (or plan to travel to Chicago!), Diptyque is inviting one of you to come in and pick out a candle of your choice from the classic collection. Leave me a comment by Sunday 2/23 and I’ll pick at random!

Also, I’ve got a mini Rose candle and Eau de Rose sampler set to give to away as well. You can enter via Rafflecopter below. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: this post is sponsored by Diptyque Bucktown, who so kindly provided me product samples during my in-store visit.

A Luxe Holiday


What are the holidays without extravagance? Eat the extra cookie and wear as much sparkle as you want. It’s never too much. Today’s luxe gift guide, for the beauty junkie in your life, channels this theme.

I adore this sparkly trio of polishes from Jin Soon. And, thankfully they are a package deal because honestly, who could pickjust one?

Dear Santa, please bring me this Chantecaille Diamond Palette.

Kjaer Weis and their weighty compacts ooze luxury. How fancy would you feel whipping this Lip Tint out of your purse for a touch-up?

Guerlain always releases a gasp-worthy meteorite face powder for the holidays. This year’s version is extra slick.

If you’re going to spend $65+ on a candle (oy), may as well make it a Diptyque holiday edition.

Luxe without the price tag? Sonia Kashuk has you covered with this brush set.

The List: November 2013


November has its perks. The holidays are in sight and that means lots of sparkle and shine. Everywhere, really. The streets are now glowing with holiday lights and walking into J. Crew this time of year is like strolling through candy land. If winter decides to encroach on the last bits of fall, even that is welcome. You know…big picturesque snowflakes, infinity scarves and warm boots. Everything is just better in November. Here’s what I’m loving for the month ahead.

Dewy skin. Drier air has moved in and I’m feeling it on my skin. Time to break out the moisture-rich Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation. I love the finish and the coverage but tend to avoid it in the summer months. It’s just right this time of year.

Bronzed complexion. Who says bronzer is only for summer? I think it’s fresh and modern to wear bronzer and hardly anything else on the skin. RMS Buriti Bronzer is a cream bronzer made with Brazilian Buriti Oil and can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips (see it in action on Bare Beauty – stunning!) Pur Minerals Mineral Glow Bronzer is subtle enough to dust all over and and for a peachy bronze, the creamy Kjaer Weis Desired Glow is where it’s at.

Incense. Diptyque’s holiday collection is sick, guys. They are the ultimate splurge but my gosh, I need no convincing. Nicky Kinniard of Space NK gifted me with a mini of the Indian Incense – frankincense, myrrh and rose, can you even? – and it’s transformed my living room into some exotic destination. It’s all very “we three kings” and puts me in the mood for the holidays.

Body serum. Speaking of exotic…Kahina’s Fez Body Serum. I’ve never been to Morocco, but I think I have a good idea of what it smells like. I tried a mini sample from a recent Spirit Beauty Lounge order and it was incredible. Stay with me – rose and orange blossoms layered over patchouli, vetiver, ylang ylang with hints of cumin and clove. I’ve never smelled anything like it before. I want to take a hot steamy bath every night and layer this on after. Adding to the allure is this New York Times culture piece on Fez, the city. Kahina may be singlehandedly responsible for boosting Moroccan tourism.

Neutral tote. Leopard print is the hardest working neutral. I’ve added this French Connection ‘Animal Mania’ Tote to my wishlist. It would fit my computer and just about everything else I lug around. What do you think?

Mini oils.  Can it be November 15, already, so this little trio can be mine? La Bella Figura is launching a value set for the holidays – a rollerball of the Daily Elements Defense, Barberry Fig Renewal Serum and the brand spanking new Travel Therapy Mood Booster with some mighty fine soothing botanicals (including rose essential oil – my fav!)

Why $60 for a Candle is Not Totally Insane


{diptyque upcycling inspiration source}

My in-laws were in town over Memorial Day weekend, and I can always count on some good beauty time with my MIL. She loves discovering and trying new pretty as much as I do! She even got me to use a blow dryer for the first time this year when she brought along this texturizing mist she’s been raving about. No small feat and I quite liked the look of my pumped-up roots. Among our many beauty adventures was a stop to the diptyque boutique in Bucktown. I treasure the fact that Chicago now has a freestanding store – it opened late last year – because a visit is always an experience. A sensory overload in the best way possible. I just want to smell EVERYTHING and dab a little eau de something on each wrist. Bringing the ma-in-law there was meant to be because she too wants to smell ALL of the smells. We both loved the Iris candle and its extra earthy, like you just finished planting bulbs in the garden, aroma. The Iris is not easy to find, which makes a visit to this boutique unique. They also have extra stock of previous limited edition candles, which is always a dangerous “do I or don’t I” proposition. I didn’t have much time to ponder a Rose Duet because I was distracted by the new limited trio inspired by Japanese poetry and featuring a whimsical floral design. The Joie scent had a touch of the earthy Iris I liked so much with a dewy freshness. I just know the white opaque packaging, versus the traditional clear, would make for a great upcycling project. Makeup brushes, lip glosses or perhaps even a bunch of fresh flowers? With the reuse options post-burn, it sure helps ease the $60 price tag. Plus, that’s what birthday wishlists were made for, right?

Hearts, Roses and Bronzer


I love to love, and I love Valentine’s Day. I’ve picked out the perfect Boston Terrier card for my husband (it’s our tradition on all occasions) and we’ll probably spend the night snuggling with our Boston, who turns five this month, and chatting with my niece who has a V-day b-day. I can’t help but be excited by the influx of pink, red and heart-shaped everything in stores right now.

I’ve pulled together my favorite Valentine’s Day inspired items, beauty and otherwise, that I’ve got at the very top of my wish list.

Happy love month!

(1) Limited edition bkr candy bottle  (2)  Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Illuminating Bronzing Veil (3) Tarte Skintuitive Lip Tint (4) Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne (5) Diptyque Rose Duet

Link Love: Ilia Lip Crayons, Breakout Decoder and Sick Day Beauty


Ilia Beauty gave us a sneak peak on Instagram of the organic lip crayons launching this spring! The packaging is so sleek! (Ilia Beauty)

Ever wonder why you’re breaking out? This face map has the answers. (Beauty Bets)

Diptyque’s Rose Duet candle looks like the perfect present to give myself for Valentine’s Day. (Getting Cheeky)

The U.S. spent $768 million on nail polish last year.  I did my part. You?  (Beauty High)

Kate Somerville launched a blog! The first post on going makeup free has me wanting (/needing!) to try Kate’s new D-Scar Treatment. (Inside the Glow)

I fear the flu. Probably safe to file these sick day beauty remedies away just in case. (Refinery29)