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That’s a Wrap! Fall Beauty Wardrobe

Another beauty wardrobe season is winding down. I’d always intended to make the switch come December and that time has arrived.  I’m completely overwhelmed with all there is to get done in such a compressed time but so excited for what I’ve got cooking up for beauty. But, first, recapping my first fall beauty wardrobe.

I kept my beauty simple and enjoyed a simple routine. I used up a few items and discovered some new items that really impressed me (and a few that did not). I think I skipped mascara more days than I wore it since October. These past few months have been an emotional blur. So much crying and feeling. And trying to hold back, too. I’m actually not at all prepared to process it yet since I’m still very much figuring out how to be since Betty’s diagnosis and treatments. Mostly it’s just a kick in the heart. My time with her is precious and right now I need regular reminders to stop the anticipatory anxiety and focus on the now. The happy moments I get to have with my girl.

Getting ready in the mornings have actually been a nice ritual. I find my mind races at night before I fall asleep. (hello, anxiety). The mornings feel normal again. I get ready, Betty peeks her head into the bathroom and we soak up the morning sun. Late fall sun in the a.m. is everything. I’ll hear her snorts as I’m moving around the bedroom and stop to give her some pets. It’s the best part of my day. And then I have to get through it all.


My favorites from fall were a bit of a surprise. I am so into the Dior Cushion. I think part of the selling point (and reason it’s so G-D expensive) is that it has the Dior skincare in the formula. Whatever it is, it’s working. This isn’t a foundation in a true sense but it does what it needs to do. I follow up with a little concealer but for the most part, this covers all complexion concerns. I like how it gives my skin a sheen. I’m literally scraping the bottom of the cushion but it keeps going.

I also love Nars Dolomites – I used this anytime I wore eyeshadow. A lot of times, I just used the deeper brown around the eyes, especially my bottom lash line. That and a Surratt curl is all did so many days. Love the simplicity. These are classic colors with a twist. Sadly, this was a limited edition shade.

I tried a few new products as well. It was helpful to really try them over an extended period of time. I tend to know right away if I’m feeling something but it always helps to try it in new ways and experiment.

I liked the bareMinerals Bare Pro on the days I wanted to go all out. If the Dior wasn’t a true foundation, this is the exact opposite. I think it has a ton of coverage, some days it was too much for me and others it was exactly what I needed. It’s a concentrated formula and a few drops can be massaged across the whole face.

Also a positive was the Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir. This wears really well under the eyes, it has a smoothing quality. It lives up to the name – I found it gave me a wide awake and well rested appearance.

Tilbury! Film Star is a must. That glamourous compact and smooth powders. Contour kits overwhelm me but this is a piece of art.


I was not a fan of the Tom Ford Liquid Eyeliner. This is a painful realization, especially because I splurged on it after a summer without black liquid liner. The double ended brush is pretty clutch and I love how easy the shorter end is to apply and do the fleck. But it is not transfer proof or long wearing. I got smudges and raccoon guys within an hour of wearing it. That should not happen!

I also didn’t wear Benefit Rockateur much. This was the last hurrah for this product. I’ve had it for years, so it’s hard to tell if it lost its effectiveness or I just don’t like it anymore. The color is great but the staying power wasn’t strong. Hard to compete with the Glossier Cloud Paint. I’m almost finished up with my tube of Dusk, at least I think I am. But, a little goes a long way so I’m betting I still have another season of wear with that color.

The Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner was just OK. I was expecting it to be rosier and wanted more of a soft pink tint since the color of the product is essentially the same color as the tube. It’s pretty sheer and average. I’ll probably put on my desk as work since I tend to use it throughout the day. I don’t want to be wasteful, it’s just something I wouldn’t get again.

That’s a wrap on fall 2K17! If you want to catch up on my day to day, scroll the #fallbeautywardrobe Instagram hashtag. 

This Lip is My Jam

Major kudos to everyone that successfully works from home and changes their clothes/wears makeup everyday. Last week, I worked remotely and found it near impossible to take off my Glossier sweatshirt for anything but a bath. I was the very definition of bum all week. It was both lovely and terrifying.

I’m back to changing my clothes more regularly and ventured into my fall beauty wardrobe a bit more as well. My Dior Cushion is all but dried up and I’m going to wait on opening the next disc until a future beauty wardrobe. Perfect time to use the bareMinerals Bare Pro liquid foundation. I like to buff in with in a dense fluffy brush on just the areas I need it. It’s easy to wear, like all bareMinerals base products, but it is a true foundation – this stuff will cover. I like to apply foundation before any other base products – I know everyone has their own order. I follow up with concealer, in the event I need less.

I also don’t put foundation near my under eye area. I went in after with my Onomie concealer, buffing that in with a small flat Real Techniques brush under the eyes, around the nose. That stuff is mega brightening and has a fluffy light consistency that I love. It’s the opposite texture of Glossier Stretch, which I also love, but more so on the skin than under my eyes because it is mega dewy.

In my lazy slumper, I also got off the healthy eating track. I blame my boyfriend for stocking our freezer with a Costco size pack of frozen pizza. That is my weakness. I love frozen pizza! And now I have some breakouts to show for it. Worth it? Ehhhh, in the moment, yes. Nars Soft Matte Concealer is the concealer of all concealers for a breakout. I use my ring finger to press and blend on any spots. Color match is the key to this one – I’m a perfect match to custard, it has the right amount of yellow to balance out the redness. It perfectly conceals and has incredible staying power, two musts if you’re covering a zit in my opinion.

I decided to break out the Wowder as well, dusting on the center of my forehead, under my eye and on any blemish I covered. Wowder photographs really well.

I used my trust Tilbury Film Star — side note, I’m thinking of getting the contour and highlight wands in liquid form next, if it’s as good as the powder I think I’ll love it — on my face and eyelids. I decided to skip most eye makeup and let lips be the star of this look. I curled my lashes and put on a few coats of Maybelline Lash Sensational. This mascara is the very best – that lift!

The perfect almost moody fall lip is Glossier Gen G in Jam. It looks like a deep blackberry in the tube but is more raspberry on the lips. This can be built up, a choose your own intensity adventure. This tube is from when it launched – I love the shade, but I know there have been some Gen G packaging improvements since. Still that simple skinny balmy tube but more protected in there.

The sweater is from a few years ago Everlane. It’s no Glossier sweatshirt but it’s just as cozy.

October Favs

october beauty favoritesI’m thinking it’s time to resurrect the favorites. I used to pin them and realized that board is long overdue for an update. I’ll get on that by way of also checking in monthly. Starting with some new and old discoveries that I could not get enough of this month.

october favorites First, this Artis brush! After seeing pretty much everyone rave uncontrollably about these brushes, I just had to see what it was all about and I am so on board. I went with the Oval 7 since it was the most versatile in size. You can use it for pretty much all things face and I do. It blends foundation flawlessly with ease – no product is absorbed into the brush so coverage is better. And, it’s less of a blend and more of a swipe. It really is a different experience altogether. I use it with my Glossier Skin Tint and even though that formula is sheer, this method elevated the coverage.

october beauty favorites

anastasia master palette by mario

I have been trying to find the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette for MONTHS – literally, since July I think? – and I gave up. But I did make sure I snatched up the Master Palette by Mario (makeup artist to Kim K!) as soon as it was available. These colors are earthy and rich. The textures are smooth and they are so pigmented. I get why they sell out instantly.

nars bound velvet lip glide

The Nars answer to liquid lipstick is phenomenal. It glides on like a gloss and with time, fades to a velvet stain. I do pit this in more of a lip gloss category because it takes a while for the oils and moisture to absorb into your lips. I’m obsessed with the color Bound – it’s a mauvey pink, neutral with a kick.

Seasonal changes are rough on my skin and I noticed some of my usual go-to concealers were caking around my nose (where I have the most redness and need it!) and around my eyes. I have been loving Too Faced Born This Way Concealer – solved those problems easily. It has a thin creamy consistency and that I find melds with your skin instead of sitting on top. I use the Light shade for under eyes and for redness.

Another complexion discovery that I find myself using almost every day is bareMinerals Bare Pro. It’s a powder foundation but I usually don’t use it beyond my t-zone. I’ve been opting for lighter complexion products – Glossier Tint and concealer, mainly – so this is the perfect companion to amp up the wear time without adding weight.

I really pulled one out of the archives — MAC Pink Cult blush. I’m so glad I never got rid of this in a cleaning frenzy (it survived two moves!) because it’s my perfect dusty pink. I love the barely there cheek for fall since I’ve been focusing more on my eyes.

What were your October favs?

Under Things

Under Things

How was your weekend? I found cotton candy grapes at the grocery store yesterday and also made this barbacoa beef in the crockpot so I’m feeling pretty good and accomplished. I also relaxed in bed for a few extra hours on Sunday morning and realized I need to do that more. The bedroom in my new apartment has three giant east-facing windows that fill the room with light. I can’t be in there enough.

All of that loafing around has me thinking about beauty in a stripped down way. I’m all for no-makeup makeup days.

I’ve been layering on bareMinerals Butter Drench at night and waking up with soft, plumped up skin. I love this for summer because it’s heavy without the weighty feel on skin. It’s deeply moisturizing in an unassuming way.  I’m impressed with the new bareMinerals skin care range overall – the oil cleanser is a part of my evening routine now, too.

Did you know there’s a subscription box for minimalists? Irony aside, I’m loving everything that Minimalism.Co has to offer – they deliver quarterly parcels that you can opt into filled with essentials for travel, home, closet, beauty. The last parcel was all about grooming and brought me the Henne Organics Luxury Lip Balm. I keep it on my nightstand and use it before bed and when I wake up. It’s been helpful now that I’m testing so many different matte liquid lipsticks!

Speaking of matte liquid lipsticks, it isn’t made for shortcuts. Liner is a must – fill around and in for best results. I picked up the H&M Lip Liner in the pinky nude Choc Therapy and find it is also a great lip color on its own with a bit of balm.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter is hands down one of the best things I’ve bought all year. It’s a great makeup primer but also perfect for no-makeup days. It has just the right amount of sheen and blurs out any blah skin. Sometimes I mix it with Glossier Priming Moisturizer to dilute it a bit and give my skin more moisture.

I also wear NARS Pro-Prime eyeshadow base on most days even if I’m just doing a wash of shadow. It’s the best eye primer out there.

I’ve been seeing the Aerie billboards all around Chicago and really love how they project body positivity. I always had this idea that this brand was for younger girls but am impressed with their range of under things. The Vintage Lace undies (10 for $35 right now!) are a total knock for Hanky Panky thongs and I’m loving the Mesh Sporty Bralette. It does great things for your chest and is beyond comfortable.

All About That Base

bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

You know, I REALLY am all about that base. Seriously. No skin trouble.

It’s high time for trying new foundations. Something about winter gets you really in tune with your skin needs. In my case, gimme all the moisture and extra dew. That about describes the new bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. It’s like a BB, CC and tinted moisturizer in one. Superior to just any one of those products, though.  And, I’ve got to say, in the most eloquent way: it feels bomb diggity on the face. Especially when using this brush!

Bare Minerals Smoothing Face Brush

The makers at bareMinerals took an opposites approach to formulating Complexion Rescue and made it so mineral-infused water hits the skin first, followed by color and other hydrating humectants. Apparently, in other TMs, BBs and CCs, it’s usually the reverse. If you too geek out over science-y demos, just watch this.  Mind kind of blown, yes?

This is the kind of makeup for people that don’t really like wearing makeup, and that’s what I love. It enhances what you’re working with but also conceals the right amount. Your freckles will still shine through!

I’m over at Clementine Daily with More on Complexion Rescue and our mission for More in general.

The 3-Minute Face


After too many trips with an overstuffed makeup bag, I’ve reached the conclusion that less is more. Summer brings out the simplistic side of me. I was in Minneapolis last week working, visiting family and going to Katy Perry concerts (so so fun!)  That was basically a two hour dance party with my favorite girlies in the world. It was also the first concert for two of my nieces and their energy was so contagious. 12 year-olds really know how to have a good time.

During the concert, there was some mascara and a little eye shadow but the rest of the weekend was mostly a few complexion products. The humidity was in full force in the ‘sota so bareMinerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation was a savior. I have been wearing this a ton all summer. I give the bottle a few good shakes and then squeeze a few drops onto the Face Perfecting Brush – which holds excess foundation like a reservoir. When you press down on the brush, you get more coverage. It’s as genius as you think. I spend about 60 seconds buffing it onto my face by sections. I’ve completely abandoned all of my tried and true luminizers for the Kjaer Weis Radiance highlighter. It’s a silvery taupe that lights up my face. I also use it as eye shadow – so convenient! And, for a non-bronze take on the summer staple, I’ve been using Bobbi Brown Telluride Illuminating Bronzer. Yes, a bronzer that isn’t quite a bronzer. It’s more dusty rose but it gives my skin a healthy glow. And, that’s what I call a good use of three minutes.

Need to Know: bareSkin Serum


Swirl, tap, buff is getting a shakeup. As in, shake, drop, buff. Enter bareMinerals new foundation that brings two BE worlds together: minerals and skin care. Did I mention…bareSkin Foundation is a liquid? Did you ever think we’d see the day? Apparently, team BE has been working behind the scenes for quite some time to get this one just right and even designed a new brush to be its sidekick. Consider me tres intrigued by everything bareSkin has to offer: a short ingredient list, lightweight texture and a finish that is both dewy and brightening.  But mostly that brush which has a RESERVOIR in the middle to hold the foundation so it doesn’t drip around the sides before you get to buffing. It’s rolling out everywhere on May 1, but available now on QVC.

bareMinerals READY to Go Complexion Palette


A few things I’m never without: my iPhone and a tube of lip balm. Now I may as well add this bareMinerals complexion kit to the list because I’ve never seen a more useful palette. It’s all very incognito in its slick nylon case, but inside is not another tech device. Rather, it’s everything you need for great face. Flawless face, really. And I do mean everything.


There’s a full suite of bareMinerals READY products – the foundation (obvs), Touch-Up Veil, Bronzer, Luminizer, Concealer and mini Precision and Tapered face brushes. If you’ve ever been a BE girl, you know how important those brushes are. They pick up the product just right and make it so you feel like you’re not wearing any makeup. They really thought of everything when making this kit – there’s even a spot in the fold to pack a lip gloss or mascara. I’m on functional overload, which is so satisfying to my Type A personality. To really stretch this guy, you can use the Bronzer and Highlighter as eyeshadow. Or, for a fleshy colored shadow, try the Ready Foundation. That’s a tip I got from a fab bareMinerals artist at the Macy’s on State (her name is Jodi, go say hello!) I’m prepping my bags for an upcoming trip, so consider this already packed.

How I’m Styling My Summer


One of my favorite faces at Chicago Blogger Network events is always Erin Bassett, of Color Me Styled. So I was excited when she asked me to guest blog on how I’m styling my summer. You could say I approached the topic in the non-traditional sense. It’s all about SPF! It’s the ultimate (albeit invisible) staple accessory of summer. Because sun-damaged skin is never in style!

Head on over to Color Me Styled to check it out!

Jonathan Adler + bareMinerals


When the queen of mineral makeup and the master of home design join forces, the result is one stylish and beautiful kit. Case in point:  Jonathan Adler for bareMinerals.  I go way back with the bareMinerals. I remember purchasing my starter kit at Sephora back in about 2006. I wore the original foundation exclusively for years, and even turned my mom into a serial mineral makeup wearer. I have a nostalgic affection for the OG bareMinerals, clearly, which is why I so want the Jonathan Adler adorned version. The bright chevron –ish striped pattern is irresistible, and I’m seriously coveting the tall Buki Brush. Accessories that cute, and functional, just slay me.  I spotted this set at Ulta this past weekend and was stunned at how gorgeous it was in person. The box is pretty huge, with two compartments on the inside. The material is a weighty acrylic and worth the $60 price tag alone. I can see it living on my vanity, stored with jewels or makeup treasures. And while I haven’t worn bareMinerals in years, it may be time to take a trip down makeup memory lane. What do you think of these moguls joining forces?

Photo credit: Jonathan Adler/Instagram