A Modern Way to Wear Lip Liner

Modern Lip Liner I’ve still got this picture perfect modern brown lip color in this fall campaign on my mind. It’s so fresh and doesn’t feel like it’s resurrecting the bad browns of the 90s. Or Kylie Jenner. It’s more rosy and perfect for her skin color. I think that’s the key to pulling off this color because it can go very mud quickly.  Sometimes I get stuck on something and go off on a mad search to recreate the look. And other times, I look on my bathroom counter and realize I already have what I need. Lip liner!  How very 90s of me. Except this time I fill in my whole lips and concentrate an extra layer right in the middle — no obvious outline here, please and thank you.

MAC Pro Longwear Pencil in Staunchly Stylish is a pinky beige with just the right amount of brown tones. It’s impressively lasting – hours and meals go by and it’s still there. The matte finish helps it last and throughout the day I dab my treasured orange and basil Cocovit Lip Balm on top to give it a modern finish.

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