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Coffee will always be a part of my morning. My struggle is not let coffee consume so much of my morning. Some days, I drink it from 6am to 11am. Coffee’s wellness is always debatable, depending on the study du jour, so I don’t worry myself with those details. But even I realize that five hours a day is a wee much. Honestly, it’s not even about the caffeine, though please don’t take that away from me! With a renewed focus on my diet, it feels only right to reassess my morning beverage intake. Making sure I’m filling the bkr up at least six times each day and swapping that extra cup (or 2) of coffee for tea. The antioxidant-rich Kusmi BB Detox Tea blends dandelion, rooibos and grapefruit for a bevy (literally) of skin benefits. Yes, a BB tea! The green tea base helps flush toxins that lead to a dull complexion. The citrus kick makes every sip enjoyable. It’s so delicious that I don’t even miss that third cup of coffee. Let’s revisit this chat again when I can finally cap my morning French roast at one cup.

4 thoughts on “Morning Blend

  1. Katie

    This tea blend sounds amazing!! I need to watch out too with coffee. I love it so much, but I definitely go overboard on the weekends when I’m near my coffee pot all morning. Plus I get the jittery shakes if I drink more than 2 cups.
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  2. Kaitie

    Oooo good luck!! I have made it down to about one cup a day (giving my self a little flexibility if invited for coffee). To me there is nothing better than sitting by my french press and relaxing before my day starts. I am a huge tea drinker too though! My favorite of the moment is the Passion tea from Tazo! It is also very citrusy and just delicious!
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