Karlie Kloss on Chicago Fashion, Victoria’s Secret and BB Cream

Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss Launches Heavenly

Karlie Kloss made her way through Chicago last week to reveal the new look of Heavenly, the fragrance that started it all for Victoria’s Secret. I remember it well since it launched my senior year of high school. I wore the heck out of Heavenly! It’s been years, but one whiff and all of those memories of winter formals and Y2K came flooding back. It’s exactly the same in scent but is sporting a modern new bottle. Karlie’s the latest VS Angel to rep the fragrance — the first since Giselle.


In between appearances, I caught up with Karlie to talk beauty and Chicago. Turns out, this Chicago-born and St. Louis-raised supermodel agrees: Midwest is best!

On getting her start in Chicago…

I was a baby! My first agency was in Chicago. I was 13 and not really ready to tackle New York but Chicago was just a train ride away from St. Louis. I remember taking my Teen Vogue tear sheet — that’s the only thing I’d done – and going to bridal castings.

On “making it”…

It was after I graduated high school. No one {in St. Louis} was reading Vogue but once they saw me in a Victoria’s Secret catalog, everyone noticed. I was in their mailbox!

On Chicago style…

I think Chicago is well respected for fashion. You know, LA has a specific look and so does New York. But I think Chicago is more fashionable and relevant than LA. Chicago is very American but still elegant and chic.


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On THAT look at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show…

That was crazy getting into – I was basically sewn into it since it was covered in thousands of crystals. I had my first fitting about six months before the show, for my crazy measurements!

On getting nervous…

I definitely still do {get nervous}! It’s such an experience being backstage, an indescribable feeling. The adrenaline and anticipation, especially with Victoria’s Secret because so many people watch. A lot of other runway shows are really intimate.


On how she washes her signature do, officially dubbed the “Karlie” after she famously chopped it off…

I use So Sexy shampoo and Klorane Dry Shampoo. The white bottle — it’s really good. I have some in right now!

On her daily beauty routine…

I love Embryolisse, it’s a French brand that is harder to find in the U.S. Also, I’m really into BB Creams since it’s so many steps in one. I like L’Oreal’s. I really love my Burt’s Bees and lashes! I always use a little bit of mascara and like the brush on this one.

On how to get in a quick workout if you’re crunched for time…

I’ll go up and down stairs for 10 minutes. You break a sweat, it’s good cardio.

The songs that pump her up for aforementioned fitness…

Lately, I love old Kanye West. Like College Dropout and Graduation Day.

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