Let’s Get it Started


Things are about to get really pretty up in here. Welcome to 312 Beauty! I’m so glad you’re here. A bit about me to start. I’m a Midwest girl by birth and in my heart, despite a 5-year stint post-college in DC. Beauty is a passion of mine. I love doing makeup on myself others and study ingredients and labels for fun. I have a penchant for natural skincare and healthy products that I will surely write about on the regular. I’m not new to the beauty blogging world (read more about me here) but I am starting a new adventure that I hope you’ll stick around for. Think of me as the gal pal that shares random, yet useful, beauty tips and advice. I think we’re going to have some fun.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Get it Started

    1. Laurie Post author

      Yay, Marcia! You’re the best. I’ve got an RSS link under my picture, you can grab the feed there or Bloglovin!


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