More than Words


A cheeky expression or motivating message is my favorite way to personalize a gift. Finding just the right word or phrase turns a good present into a perfect one. There’s a surplus of wordy stuff out there to choose from – here are my top picks!

Could there be a better reminder every time you pull out your phone? This one is my favorite in The Everygirl shop!

The loveliest little jewelry tray.

I think this tumbler is a very cute way to get in those 8 glasses of water. Perfect gift for a coworker, no?

Way adorbs…I love this suede pouch!

You + Me = Awesome — love!

We all have a friend…or are that friend that needs to have this tote.

My favorite new bauble — if you wear happiness, you are happy, right? If not, there’s always Happy Hour.

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