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OK, autumnal blast. You had your moment in the sun. Now it’s my turn to enjoy sun. I’m not living in total la la land – I have to live with the fact that I turned my heat on this past weekend – but it is still summer. For six more days. Let’s live it up! I realize that most women wear the same makeup regardless of season, save for a little more bronzer in the summer months, but I really switch it up seasonally. Plus, chances are if you are reading this you are also not ‘most women.’


Dolce Gabbana Beauty Ibiza

One summer collection that is proving to extend well into boot season is from Dolce & Gabbana. It’s feminine, bold and flattering the semi-tan I have still lingering from a few August beach days. The metallic peach, gold and amber colors in the Tangier palette work this time of year and the cocoa brown makes for a great smoky liner. Do you ever use shadow dry as liner? I’ve been into it lately for an imperfect but still done look. The key is to smudge right at the lash line and then blend down. The color naturally fades out as you get further from you lash line. What I love most about these slicks of gold are how special they feel. Everything about D&G beauty is a treat! The double decker bronzing compact is amaze and the gloss encased in a lipstick is a fun party trick. Back to my earlier point, though. Six official days of summer. Tell me what you’re doing to send it off in style?

samples so kindly provided by D&G

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